Murray and Elliot.

I know some of you are wondering how Murray is with my boys. He’s great with them because my boys are great with animals. Although, we are still working on asking Elliot to be gentle when he pets them. He’s not mean! He’s just a baby. Murray is unfazed by Elliot and his petting. The other two are a bit pensive.

I love that my kids like animals so much and got used to them from day one. Just yesterday Em asked if we could get 97 more cats, making it an even 100. But I kind of want to keep my husband, so… after much thought I had to tell him no.

Elliot is 11 months old! Hard to believe. He took his first steps a couple of weeks ago, but much prefers to crawl and/or do this strange knee walk I’m trying to get decent video of. I can’t say I have ever seen a baby do this knee walk before. More to come!


  1. Emelia knee-walked! We were so worried about it but our pediatrician kept saying that it was normal and that she was focusing on other things (mainly language and fine motor skills). She finally started walking at 18 months old. I was beginning to think that I’d be sending her to college with sneakers on her knees.


  2. Oh good! He just doesn’t seem interested in walking! Though, I know he can do it, he’s uninterested. Em was the exact opposite. He walked the moment he figured it out (10 months).


  3. Hello M! It’s been a long time since I’ve visited your page, am so glad to see that you haven’t changed. Your posts are always real and honest and best of all “quirky”.. don’t change. Sending good vibes from India to you and yours and especially Murray! Haha did not bring my cats on this journey (Malaysia was as far as mine got, now they are country kitties with my Mom in Texas) so thank you for the kitty photos with your babies. Warms the heart…love and light (yes that phrase really means something here). Cyn


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