Joe Paterno 1926 – 2012

I was running when I heard the news. And so then I was running and crying. I feel terrible for Joe Paterno and everything that has happened to him over the last three months. I’m going to quote my husband:

“So sad for JoePa. There aren’t many like him – inside or outside of football. I blame the vultures as much as the cancer.”

I hope he died peacefully. I hope he knows he is still admired and adored by many.


  1. He will be remembered by all those he influenced over the years in and out of football for all the good he has done. That can’t be taken away even by the haters that have convicted him in a moral court of law that I’m sure most of them could never live up to in their own lives.


  2. My husband swears he died of a broken heart; he refuses to think the cancer had anything to do with it.

    It’s just sad business, all the way around.


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