Runners Are Stupid.

I don’t write much about running. I think that for most people it’s super boring to read about. It’s like hearing about someone’s dream. BORING. So I don’t do it very often. But I run a lot. I’ve been running for years.

Currently, I run four times a week, with long runs on Saturdays. I am training for two half marathons next year. I’m following a novice runner’s schedule. Basically, a variation/combination of this one and this one. It’s a little tricky for me since I’m a full-time mother. Em goes to school, but Elliot is with me every day, all day. So I run at night after Toby gets home from work. And holy crap! It’s been tough!

Y’all. It’s cold out there. And at night it’s even colder. Part of my running route is alongside the East River and sometimes the wind rips at you like a million tiny daggers, like Manhattan is purposefully slapping my face for residing in Brooklyn. Yes, I could change the route, but that would make sense. Plus, have you seen the view from Kent Avenue? It’s awesome! I’m not going to change my route. If I change my route, I wouldn’t get the opportunity to ask myself, “Why are you doing this? You’re just stupid.”

Here’s the deal: I believe to be a decent long distance runner one has to be a lot crazy and a little stupid. People say it’s about endurance, but I think stupidity has a lot to do with it. Why else would you plan on running during a snowstorm? (I’ve got an 7 miler tomorrow during a snowstorm.) Why else would a person come up with something like this to make sure you don’t miss one single mile? Why else would you dress like this? Because you’re a runner and you’re stupid.

Take Stuart Calderwood, for example. As of today, he’s been running every day for 25 years. If he’s not a lot crazy and a little stupid, I don’t know who is. Every day for 25 years. That’s insane!

I kid. A little bit.

In all seriousness, when asked why I run, the answer is simple: I run to beat me out of me. Running is my antidepressant. It has been for years. I outrun my demons. I let thoughts come and go freely. I don’t judge any of them. I don’t hold onto any of them. I don’t let them go too quickly if they’re troubling. It’s my therapy. And it works every time.

I love running.

So! Rain or shine, hot or cold, snow or ice, I make sure to embrace my inner crazy and make her go for a run. And while I’m a little less crazy with every run I complete, there seems to be enough of it to fuel the next one. And I’m totally OK with that.

Or maybe I’m just stupid.


  1. I’m on a hiatus right now to let my ankles heal. I’ve got all the winter gear, and my normal route was along the water… but I totally move inland when it gets rainy.

    Thank to online maps, I learned that from my house , to Kent, then all the way down Kent to the little park on Franklin and back is about 5k. If I run to the bridge, over, and back home, its about 4miles. Alternating those two, and chaining them, was my routine until early December… but then the wind just killed me. So now I run routes a few blocks inland. Considerably, considerably warmer.


  2. Not stupid – determined! I applaud you for running at night. I just can’t do it. When I was training I ran in the wee hours of the morning, though, which in winter could be considered similar.

    I can’t wait to really get back into it. Running is totally therapy!

    And the Kent Ave run is awesome. That used to be the mid leg of my marathon training back in the day.


  3. Good for you! Your dedication is awesome. Did you run while you were pregnant? Also, FYI, I run. And blog about it. Sorry. :-/ lol I don’t run outside–fear of being chased by dogs. Leftovers from being chased several times, and caught once as a kid. I wish I could overcome the fear. There are awesome trails in my town. Maybe I need therapy or something. Best of luck to you in your training!


  4. Don’t be sorry! I was sorta kidding. I mean, I sometimes write about FOOD. TALK ABOUT BORING.

    I think it’s that every time I start talking about my runs to people in my life they kind of get that far away look in their eye, not that they don’t love what I do, but I do tend to go on and on about how awesome it is!

    You write about running, darlin’. And I’m gonna stop by!


  5. National Zoo
    Rock Creek Park
    Potomac River
    Arlington National Cemetery
    Jefferson Memorial
    Lincoln Memorial
    Washington Memorial
    Capitol Building
    White House
    National Cathedral
    Chinese Embassy
    Some guy on a bike that gave me a high-five
    National Zoo
    Last Sunday’s Run

    One large Papa Johns pizza w/ green peppers
    Last Sunday’s Dinner

    Crazy? Stupid? Yeah, I suppose I could have stopped after 7 slices, but who wants to leave that poor slice all alone?


  6. I laughed when I read this today because I posted a very similar past on my site. I ran in the snow today with my new DuNorth running studs at 5am in the dark. Last week my running club, The Hartford Track Club, ran an annual 17 mile race in 5f weather with a windchill of -11f. The photos of the face masks look much like our runners.’re right on about being nuts and/or stupid. We run in extreme heat, rain, snow, fog, etc,etc. But once the running bug gets you its futile to fight the urge. When people poke fun at my crazy running habits I smirk inside because of the satisfaction I get knowing I’m healthy and the run is also my escape from reality. Sometimes with tunes which is just a pleasant run and others in silence to enjoy the outdoors because I live in a very rural area. My early morning runs are great because of the starry sky. I frequently see meteors streaking across the sky.
    So…I’m part of that wacky runners club and love every minute.


    1. I wish I could mark your comment great, Michael. You gave me goosebumps! Thank you!


  7. It is insane, right? I shudder to think how much I’ve spend on running gear. I ran yesterday despite having painful bruised ribs from a fall earlier this week, because I NEEDED to run. You would think we were all being chased by bears or something!

    Good luck on your snowy run today. Let us know how it goes!


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