Em Diapers His Babies

Elliot outgrew newborn diapers almost immediately. For a baby who lost so much weight in the first couple of days, he sure seems to be making up for that now. I’m not complaining; I’ve always had a fondness for babies who are so fat their hands look as if they’re popped into their arms at a chubby crease. Yeah, I’m OK with a Michelin Tire baby.

I think this is happening because Elliot uses me as a pacifier. I could go on and on about that—and will—but for now, let’s just say I think I’m probably cultivating a habit I’ll likely come to regret. I can’t be attached to this kid forever, can I?

But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about Emory and how he started burping, cuddling, feeding and diapering his babies with the leftover newborn diapers.

And it’s awesome. If he gets to be really great at it, I am going to put him to work.

In other news, I started a Twitter account for all things mom related. It’s called Motherist. I am going to try and keep my mihow account separate from discussing babies, boobs and gross stuff like that. So if you care about boobs, babies and gross shit, you should follow Motherist. If you don’t, I’d avoid it. I plan on Tweeting more from that account. I also plan on a lot more @ replies.

Not your cup of tea? There’s always mihow, where I talk about whatever the hell and nothing. I know! Enticing!


  1. Wait a minute! Bert and Ernie are 42 years old, and any good 42-year-old should definitely be potty trained. Get Emory to work on that, and then he can be in charge of potty training his younger brother when the time comes. Emory looks so cute and proud in the photo. Awww!

    Glad to hear that Elliot is making good use of his human pacifier and filling out!



  2. My first baby used me as a pacifier, too. I tried and tried to get him to take the paci. A definite no-go. He was easy to wean when he was ready and now goes to bed easier than any boy I know.
    Just go with it. It will slow down even though it kinda sucks right now.

    P. S. the baby who takes the pacifier is now in his room screaming for it!!



  3. Oh how adorable! Great use of left over diapers. My boys never took pacifiers. I guess it was just something I didn’t have to take away from them later so I didn’t mind. Although my 3 year old still sucks his thumb. Not sure how I’m going to break him of that. I see a Sandra Boynton book in the background. We love her books!



  4. Michele Hermanson March 22, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    I love Ernie & Burt in their diapers. So so cute. So glad he’s still playing with them.



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