Edited to add: Murray updated the title of this post while I was away from the computer. So, I’m going to leave it as is. Apparently he wanted it this way. I’m not sure what he was trying to say, but there you go.

The problem with sitting around attached to a newborn all day and night is the amount of time I spend online and shopping. OK, since Toby Joe might eventually read this, I haven’t been that bad. Mostly I just “browser shop”. But yesterday I stumbled on something I just had to buy. It’s not something we needed. We have plenty of bowls. But at that very moment, they were just too awesome for me to pass up. So I totally bought a set of these.

I have a bunch of Etsy reviews that I’m in the process of writing. I’m finally getting my life back in order in which to do so. It helps that Elliot is an easy baby! Or maybe I’m an easier mom? I’m not sure. But this has been a much smoother transition for our entire family. We’re all sleeping. I’m bathing. I’ve even eaten with two hands! Things are going well. Even breastfeeding is going well. (HOLY SHIT, Y’ALL! I KNOW!)

Anyway, there will be a lot more reviews in the next couple of weeks. No, I’m not getting paid to write said reviews. I just want to share the love because some of these items are just too awesome.

More on that soon.