Happy Barfday.

It’s my birthday. I’m 37. I just baked myself a cake, ate a huge piece and now I feel like throwing up (again). Why do I keep doing this?

Anyway, we’re not doing much. I was unable to move from 4 PM yesterday until noon today. I even missed pastry class, something I never do. I’ve just felt so nauseous.

So, today I’m gonna stay put and hope for less greener moments. This week feels like the first trimester all over again, only it’s worse because I’m also uncomfortably huge.

That damn cake. What was I thinking?


  1. Hi Michelle! Happy birthday to you… hope you feel better in a bit and enjoy the day…


  2. Happy Birthday Mihow!


  3. Yo! Happy Birthday Michele! Hope you start feeling better soon. You gotta have cake on your birthday tho. did you get the package I sent you?


  4. Happy birthday, sweetie. Hang in there.


    hope the cake settles down soon:)
    oh and just so i can live thru you, what kind of cake was it?


  6. Happy Birthday~


  7. Happy Birthday!

    You won’t be pregnant forever! I promise :)
    Hang in there (lie in there?)


  8. i thought about you yesterday – it was my son’s first parachute day! it was a surprise at his last petit gym class, and he was in pure heaven. (so was i, as soon as i saw the parachute i got all excited like a little kid myself, i was so glad parents were in on the fun). it instantly made me think of your parachute-vomit video, so i decided to make a quick comment on your blog, but then i saw your 37th birthday (and barf) post. awwww. i’m sorry about feeling crappy on your birthday. so here’s to future birthdays without barf, and many happy parachute days with your two little ones!


  9. Oh, no! I’m so sorry you’re ill. Hope the birthday got better as the day went on – and I hope you have that baby soon so you’ll really feel better.


  10. Happy Happy Birthday! I hope your discomfort eases soon. Best wishes!


  11. I’ve missed you, Mihow! Happy birthday to you and I hope you feel better soon!


  12. Heather! No. No package. Not surprised given all government agencies in NYC seem to be moving at a disgruntled, slow pace at best.

    (And I missed yours. And I hate that I did. I had it all planned and then days slipped away from me. I will make it up to you, my darlin.)

    Thanks everyone! I feel OK. Still pregnant! But that’s OK. It’s still early yet.


  13. Happy birthday Mihow


  14. Oh, I missed it, but a late happy birthday!

    Next time, you just send that cake to me.
    I’m being induced bright and early tomorrow morning, I hope it’s your turn soon!


  15. Happy barfday! Maybe your body is getting ready for labor, that’s why you feel so badly……or, wishful thinking??


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