38 Weeks. Little Progress.

I visited my doctor today. I’m 50% effaced and 1 centimeter dilated. (Damn that exam hurts.) Kid is still very much floating up in my abdomen, which I hear is normal for second pregnancies. But I have no idea why that would be. How does this guy know that he’s the second kid? Why would a woman’s body keep a second pregnancy higher? Why would a woman’s body know to? This doesn’t make sense to me. But pregnancy doesn’t really make much sense to me, so there’s that.

Emory didn’t drop. Ever. I was induced before the kid even contemplated using his head to help move things along. (Blood pressure problems forced induction last time.)

Nutshell: I’ve no idea when this baby may arrive. I know it won’t be today. I’m grateful it won’t be today since NYC is getting pummeled by snow again. I so don’t want to become one of those women who gives birth in a cab on the 59th Street Bridge. It’s also technically not time yet. But I got it into my head that he might arrive early. I have no idea why.

Also: I’m not ready yet. I mean, I am ready to have my body back, and I am really sick of the acid reflux, but we don’t yet have a bed set up. We still don’t even really know where he’s going to sleep. And we’re not even sure what his name is gonna be.

The second child? Totally different from the first. With Em, we had everything just so, all set and then the kid was late.

This time? We’re not at all prepared. Yet, we totally are in the sense that we now know they don’t break.

But I may break over the next couple of weeks.


  1. I compleatly understand where you are coming from. I’m now 34 weeks today. I keep thinking he’s coming early. And nothing has been done. We move to a 4 bedroom on Friday (or Monday, if the snow hits us here in Maryland). We have a few onesies and a few packs of diapers. AND I have to find a new OB because the old ones doens’t accept the new insurence.

    But soon, Em will be a Big brother and you’ll do fine. There might be bumps in the road, but I have compleat faith in you.


  2. I never understood why that particular exam hurts so freakin’ much.
    I hated that one, and you have to do it every time you go now till he comes. Boo!

    In all seriousness I wish you a safe delivery.
    Such exciting times. We are definitley a one kiddo family but I often wish I could have another one so that I could relax and enjoy the experience a little more.

    Hope this one only brings you joy.


  3. wait, so cujo woodrow isn’t going to be his name?

    not gonna lie, i’m kinda bummed out!


  4. Cujo, probably. Not woodrow. Sorry!


  5. Hang in ther. I know you will.

    Your brain knows, Toby knows, Your body knows.. that’s why it’s all different this time. All the experience and love makes a kind of faith I think.

    Y’all are in my thoughts every day. I close my eyes and I send you my best good thoughts every day.


  6. I’m 37 weeks and no effacement/dilation at all. Granted, I will be having a scheduled c-section on Feb. 7 (bone structure issues), but I’ve been having some contractions and still no change. I’ve heard of major changes happening in just hours though, you could be high and closed one second and fully effaced and dilated the next. Scary.

    I remember you said you had blood pressure problems the first time, so did I. I’m having none this time though, it has actually been really low, usually 100/60. How has yours been this time around?

    Oh, and you aren’t the only one not ready! Our baby room is still not 100% and neither is my mind in preparing for taking care of another human being!


  7. My son (first pregnancy) never dropped either, my water just broke (not dilated at all at that point), and I was induced.
    One of my daughters dropped, in a lovely head-first position, then a few weeks later, came up again and went breech. The little bugger! She is why I had to have a c-section the second time.

    We were the same with the room. First time, it was painted, all furniture assembled, little clothes washed. Second time around, crib was put together a few days before babies were born, and now they are 16 months old, and their room has yet to be painted. I am slowly moving all the non-baby stuff out of their room (former storage room) as they get more mobile and destroy it..but still. Second children have a different life than the firsts!
    At the dr. yesterday, I mentioned that the girls aren’t really talking yet, just 2 words each, and he told me it is completely normal for 2nd (and 3rd) children to talk later. They just don’t get the same level of attention as first babies, and that’s okay.
    Good luck! I hope your little guy stays in until the weather clears up, and you have a clear path to the hospital!


  8. We don’t have a bed set up either, but you know I’m one of the crazies, so it’s intentional since he’s sleeping with us!

    But we don’t have a name either. We have options. A long list of them. But no set name. And I think we won’t have until he’s out. I have to see him first anyway.

    But I’m so looking forward to meeting him! I’m guessing you know that feeling. I can’t wait to see him and get to know him on the outside. And my baby even has a final eviction date, so I know it’s just 3 to 10 days left, looking more like 3 atm.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your little guy too!


  9. We didnt set Olivia’s room up til she was 3 months old. If you have milk, a few onesies, a dresser drawer and love and you’re golden.


  10. If it makes you feel any better: I was the first kid and you know where I slept the first week of my life? In a dresser drawer.

    I turned out fine. *twitches*


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