New York City Bans Smoking in Parks, Beaches.

How awesome is this?

“This summer, New Yorkers who go to our parks and beaches for some fresh air and fun will be able to breathe even cleaner air and sit on a beach not littered with cigarette butts,” —Bloomberg

Opponents believe the government is meddling too much. I am rather pleased with the fact that our beaches will no longer look like giant ashtrays and that one day I might visit a park and not have to worry about my kid (or your dog!) eating a discarded cigarette butt.

Personally, I think this makes more sense than banning it in bars and restaurants because this is a public space. But I’m OK with the restaurant ban as well.

Remember: this comes from a recovering smoker. I smoked for over a decade. I smoked a lot.

Yeah, this law pleases me a great deal.


  1. This law sounds great. I am so sick of leaving a place only to have to walk through a cloud of smoke to get to my car. It’s so counter-intuitive to go INdoors for some fresh air!
    Good luck with the baby, I know he must be coming soon. We miss you at the DoCo.


  2. isn’t it the governments JOB to meddle in the health and well being of the people?


  3. I saw this today in the NYT. They instituted a similar ban here in Vancouver, BC in September, and though Vancouver is not a very ‘smoker’ city, I do see the improvement. It is great to go for a run by the water and not have smoke blown in your face.

    As someone who works in public health, any step towards reducing smoking and the effects of second-hand smoke is great. It probably won’t have the same effects on quitting as things like the restaurant/bar bans and taxing, but nonetheless, it will help to continue to denormalize it.


  4. I’m really excited about the hopeful drop in litter from smokers too. Smokers are some of the worst litterers! (myself included when I smoked) just gross and inconsiderate.


  5. Us recovering smokers are the worst! :) I am also in support of this plan and also a former smoker. Now if they could just get people to stop smoking directly outside my office building so that I don’t walk into a cloud every time I exit, I’d be thrilled.


  6. Very excited! For years I have yelled (internally), “The world is not your ashtray!” every time I see a pile of butts. Maybe there will be some reform?


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