NaBloPoMo: Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 142). His Feline Friends.

It was brought to my attention recently that some people believe we have only one cat. And that made me sad. I do realize that I don’t talk about our other 27 cats very much, but they are all loved equally.

OK, that last bit was a lie, they aren’t all loved equally. OK, that’s not true either. We don’t really have 27 other cats. But if I had the space and my husband wouldn’t divorce me for it, I’d totally have 28 cats.

But, no. We have three cats total. And I should probably give them some Internet face-time.

So today instead of going on and on about Murray yet again, I thought it’d be nice to introduce you to his friends.


This is Pookum. She’s 15, maybe 16. I am unsure of her exact age as I adopted her from Paws when I was 21. But she was young at the time, so I’m guessing she can’t be much older than 16.

Pookum is a grumpy old lady now. She’s always been a bit on the grumpy side, but now she’s even more grumpy. I think it’s because the boys annoy her. She’s what, like, 90 in human years? All she really wants is to be left alone to sleep and eat and sometimes poop and the boys usually have other plans for her. But she copes, more so with Murray than Tucker. She and Tucker haven’t ever really gotten along. They tolerate one another, but I wouldn’t ever refer to them as friends.

Pookum is now deaf which means she’s loud whenever she meows. And she likes to meow!

Pookum loves drinking out of our water glasses and always has. If you leave a glass of water out and she can reach it, it’s going to be pawed at and licked over within minutes.

Pookum has some medical issues (skin problems around the chin), but we seem to have that under control. She also has some problems around her eyes sometimes. We’re working on that as well.

Pookum’s real name was Meecha. But early on one of my college roommates named her Miss Kitty Pookums. That was shortened to Pookum or Pook. It stuck.

She was Schmitty’s wife until we adopted Tucker. Then Schmitty decided he was gay and divorced her for Tucker. That was rough. But I think she’s over it now. I also think this is why she doesn’t particularly like Tucker. I mean, who would?

She seems relatively healthy. She eats and sleeps and drinks and meows and loves attention. I’m hoping we have a few more years with her.


This is Tucker, aka The Orangemani Terrorist we have living with us. He is also gay.

Tucker is 8. We actually rescued him from a State College pet store. I know that people frown on this type of animal adoption, but he was going to be put down if he wasn’t adopted and he was one among a sea of dozens, three of which were orange just like him. Why were we in a pet store in State College? Well, I stupidly drove by and decided I had to pay a visit. And there were just so many kittens and dogs! It was rough. Anyway, as we were leaving, Tucker literally velcroed himself to Toby Joe’s ass.

We didn’t expect to adopt a cat that day, but he gave us no other option. We left with an orange cat.

Tucker is kind of sneaky. He’s a sweet cat to humans and unbelievably snuggly, but to other cats he can be sneaky. He loves Murray, but isn’t too keen on Pookum. He’s got the softest coat of fur I have ever had the pleasure of touching. He likes to spoon and purr. Tucker wasn’t always like this, however. He used to be a real stinker. But in his older age he’s mellowed out into a softy.

He sleeps between Toby Joe and my head at night and purrs so loudly, he could wait the feline and canine neighbors.

Tucker cries when he’s upset (like, actually cries). When Schmitty died, he cried on and off for a week. And whenever we brought home Murray (three weeks after Schmitty passed), he cried again. I very nearly returned Murray because of it. Thankfully, I didn’t! Because now they are in love and Tucker is happily remarried to Murray, although Murray definitely goes both ways. He’s kind of a slut.

Tucker got his name because on our ride back to NYC from State College he was tuckered out.

These are my fuzzy friends, the folks that  greet me at the end of my days. They are all very kind animals and I trusted all three of them next to my newborn (now 3-year-old).

I love my cats—all three of them.


  1. I loved this post! Lighthearted, funny, and gloriously entertaining.


  2. Whoa, I definitely thought you only had Murray.

    More importantly though, I love that they have the right to be with/marry whomever they wish- gay, straight, slutty, or not!


  3. Yeah, that’s the thing. You’re not alone in that thought! I suck. It’s that we got Murray whenever he was a little dude and he does the strangest things, and constantly. He has been fodder to 141 stories. He’s a truly strange cat.

    The other two are loved though! They are loved. (Tucker is actually Em’s favorite cat.)


  4. So glad to meet the rest of the family. We have a Pookum too. Percy is a crabby old lady at 17 1/2, but seems healthy and I can’t bear to think of life without her. And we have a Tucker…really! Orange and white, 9 years old and named Tucker. But sadly he’s not nearly as sweet. He should have been an only cat and is now punishing the rest of us because he isn’t. The two “kittens”, Frannie and Zoe, are now 3…and together are about 70% as entertaining as Murray. Thanks for letting us see Murray’s friends!


  5. I was aware of your other cats, but it is nice to have a little biography on them! They look awesome and loved. Yay cats!

    My husband always jokes that he worries that he will come home one day to an apartment full of cats. I actually think he would (secretly) like it.


  6. More cat stories! Love them :).


  7. As another Nablopomo attempter, I’m proud of you for making it this far. Let’s do this thing.


  8. Lovely kitties :)

    One thing about Pookum, in terms of the skin condition on his chin, does he eat or drink out a plastic dish? Cats that drink out of plastic dishes tend to develop this pimply like patch on their chins.

    Switching to a stainless steel or ceramic water dish can help. It cleared up one my kitties within a couple of weeks of changing the dish :)


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