NaBloPoMo: Big Intentions

How many times does a blogger need to start and then give up on a post a few sentences in before giving up on blogging altogether? Because everything I’ve written (or have tried to write) for almost a year just seems completely blah. I’ve been asking myself the same thing for many months now: Is the end nigh? Or do I need to try something like NaBloPoMo again? Is it just that I lack ambition?

And so here it goes: day one of NaBloPoMo. And look! I’m already setting myself up for failure. But I keep thinking about the first time I participated in NaBloPoMo and how forcing myself to write every day ended up being all sorts of awesome. And I seem to remember some pretty memorable posts/comments being born because of it. Like Desperate Measures, where I used something (not so babylike) to try and soothe my son to sleep. Then there was the entire “Birth of Emory” series.

And last but so not least, there was a post called My Sack Of Cells, which is just so difficult for me to read today given everything that happened over the last two years.

Excerpt from that post:

“Over the years, many friends of mine (so many, I no longer have enough fingers to keep count) have had miscarriages. Still others spent months and months and months crying and fighting while trying to conceive. I know couples who spent nearly their entire life savings trying to have a baby. I have heard horror story after horror story. And I wish I were exaggerating, if anything, I’m holding back a little bit. But if there’s a point to be had here, it’s that I was convinced, based on what I learned from the people I know, that it would take me forever to become pregnant. And I was even more convinced based on the number of miscarriages I had heard about (seriously, dozens and dozens) that I would most likely experience at least one miscarriage.”

Ugh. Just ugh. A giant sigh.

Anyway, so, yeah. I’m going to give this a go again, my friends. And I do hope something good comes out of it. And I do hope I can jumpstart whatever part of my brain is needed to compose and actually “print” a post.

So, here goes nothing.


  1. Looking forward to it! Good Luck!!


  2. Ok, this is the kick in the butt I needed. I was just thinking about NaNoWriMo (a friend is doing it) and how impossible it sounds. I’m in. If nothing else, for my own mental health.


  3. So glad the answer was that you are going to give it another go! I would have wept had you decided that you were giving up!!!


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