Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 141)

We were away all last week, so we had a friend look in on our cats. Midway through the week, I started missing them something fierce. I missed having something fuzzy greet me at the door. I missed the snuggles that come with having a pet. I just missed them. So I decided to broadcast it.

I swear it wasn’t bait, but it just so happens that our friends and cat sitters are also Twitter pals.

E. replied a few minutes later.

Below is the email I got from E.

Tucker got scritches first.

Pookum got scritches in her favorite place.

and Murray was outraged that I wasn’t dishing out food faster.

This email had me laughing out loud in a fancy restaurant all the way down in Florida. My brother, who witnessed my amusement firsthand, asked, “What are you laughing about?”

“Look at my cats!” I boasted, tears welling up in my eyes.

To which he replied, “You do realize you have a son now, right?”

And I wasn’t even drinking, people! I’m just a crazy, emotional, pregnant cat-lady.


  1. Ah! So nice to see all the cats getting some love! I completely understand missing them, though. We were away two weeks ago for a much needed vacation, and I seriously spent way too much time thinking about my cat and not enough time focussing on the beautiful Southern California coast. Luckily, my husband is a crazy cat man, so he indulged my constant questions…”What do you think Garrison is doing now?”, “Do you think he misses us?”. “I MISS MY CAT.”

    I don’t know how I will be if we have kids. I told the husband if we somehow spawn a child who hates animals (unlikely, but possible), I would have a tough time deciding which one to keep….


  2. I thought the same thing whenever I was pregnant with Em. I worried myself to tears one day after reading something on the Internet. I called my brothers and other men in my life to ask if it was true, that boys are hateful toward animals, etc. They all made me feel better.

    And now Em is here and he loves, loves, love animals (so much he won’t eat them!). And I feel completely lucky.

    Now I’m worried about number two! What if HE doesn’t like animals?

    I don’t know what I would do. Good thing is, most all kids love animals. So, I think we’ll be OK. :]


  3. hehehe :) It was our pleasure! We really enjoyed hanging with them. Anytime!


  4. Rob’s just jealous that you have cool cats and we have Oliver the world’s dumbest animal. Oliver managed to lock himself in the kids’ bathroom while we were gone. Luckily, we had extra water out in the bathrooms since he plays in his water dish so at least he had something to drink. He was still very angry when the sitter found him. If there were a short bus for cats, Oliver would be first in line.


  5. So jelous! I love cats but my son & I are both allergic. Yours make me wish we could have them :)


  6. Hi Mihow,
    I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your blog and admire how much you share.

    I just finished reading your posts about IVF and all the hardship one goes through with infertility. I went through the same and can totally relate.

    Yay for #2! Big congrats on another boy. I also have a boy (2.5y) and just recently felt ready for another one.

    Way to go, Mihow!
    All the best,


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