Sunset Tonight.

Tonight’s sunset blew my mind. It wasn’t there and then BAM! It was.

You see, I had a terrible day. This morning I nearly passed out twice a block from home and Em was with me. I had to sit down on the sidewalk and tuck my head between my knees. Twice. And then it took every last bit of effort to make it back home. I’m not sure what Em would have done had I actually passed out. Would he have panicked? Would he have run off? We were on a busy street after all, cars zoom past at intense speeds even though they’re not supposed to. It was early and there were a lot of people out, my hope is that someone would have stopped to help us/him.

Anyway, it was a difficult day.

I also felt bouts of rage at certain points. I found I was ready to pounce on anyone who did something even remotely uncool. The city and its people really got to me today, more so than ever before.

I’m not proud of my role in today.

But then we returned home and I was greeted by this sunset and it took me back and made everything seem OK again.

So here’s to hoping tomorrow is better—that the sunset was a promise of some sort. :]


  1. Holy wow, that sounds scary! Glad you guys made it home safely. These sorts of days bite -hope it’s better tomorrow :)


  2. I had this same thing happen to me a lot when i was pregnant with my second son. I found if I ate something it felt a little better but the sooner I was able to sit down and rest the better. I brought food with me everywhere…constantly eating something, which, come to think of it, is probably why I was so friggin huge at the end.

    Now, Declan, my second, is a huge eater. I’ve never seen a kid eat and stuff so much food into his mouth at one time. He eats like there’s a shortage and someone is going to steal his food. He even growls if you try to take the excess from his mouth!

    I do hope your case is as simple as a kid that needs more nurishment and not something more sinister.


  3. I’ve been getting lots of dizzy spells lately…I contribute it to not downing enough water. But, when you work all day at a busy job its hard to remember. I also occasionally have the “rage” fits…pregnancy hormones suck. Luckily my husband is fairly understanding!


    1. The rage fits are horrible. I simply can’t control my response to people lately. Strangers acting thoughtlessly or rude? I will call them out on it. I can’t hold back like I used to. It’s not a good way to be. I’m not mean to everyone, but there are definitely some people (particularly yesterday) who met not so nice mihow.

      I had this with Em too. I hope it passes soon.


  4. Things in Oklahoma are different from NYC but wonder if this were to happen again could you tell a bystander just incase you were to actually pass out when em is with you?


  5. Oh gosh, I know how scary that is. A little over two years ago, I actually did pass out. In an airport. With my 21 month old standing next to me. It turned out to be because of a kidney stone and prevented us from getting on a plane for a much-anticipated trip – but there is ALWAYS another mom around. In the airport, in the street, anywhere. Another mom will ALWAYS look out for you when they see a child is involved (and most of the time, even if a child is nowhere to be seen). I had a mom feed my son Goldfish crackers and a grandmother stay by my side way past boarding was done to the point where she almost missed her flight to make sure one of the paramedics had a good hold on my son before she got on her plane. Those two women, along with the police officer who stayed with my son until my husband got to the airport to pick him up, restored my faith in humanity. Don’t worry, someone will be watching out for you, no matter what.
    Feel good.


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