Generations in Pictures.

I’m in a coffee shop at the moment. I have roughly 50 minutes before I have to return home to Emory. Anyway, I took a moment to check Facebook and saw that one of my family members posted a picture of my grandma.

My grandmother died when I was about 17, which is how old she was when the photograph above was taken. My goodness, do I ever miss her! I had no idea how much so until I saw her staring back at me. (And here I thought smells were my weakness where being blindsided by memories was concerned.)

But I can’t end this on a melancholy note…

So: here is a picture of my kid eating one of my lollipops.

I gotta admit that it bugs me that he will never get to meet her. But I will make sure he knows how awesome she was.

Happy Spring, my friends.