Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 121) A Photo

Taken at the same time today, same minute, same everything. Two of the boys I share my days with.

The runny nose should explain why I don’t have more to offer you in the way of Murray today.

I’m so tired. Plus, I’ve been puked on four times.


  1. “I’m so tired. Plus, I’ve been puked on four times.”

    can you please make that your twitter status and then submit it to that threadless twitter contest ?


  2. Status updated! But I have no idea what contest you speak of.


  3. Aw, I hope Emory feels better soon. Does Murray totally get that Emory is sick and want to snuggle with him all day? My mom’s cat (who was adopted from the SPCA!) is a huge cuddle-bug when she is sick. I guess though that adults tend to lay down not doing much when we’re not feeling well…it’s hard to keep a toddler down, even when they’re very sick!


  4. I think it’s also because he’s so warm! And you know how cats look for the warm spots. :] It’s actually the other way around. Emory keeps wanting to use them as pillows. Murray seems to enjoy it, the other two? Not so much.

    Murray and Emory are BFF.


  5. Sheesh, Michele, you are having a rough time of it lately. Hope everything starts to turn around in the next few days!

    Poor Em. And lucky Murray :-)


  6. look at… twitter.threadless.com


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