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I’m sure that by now you’ve noticed some changes taking place around here. We’re currently in the process of optimizing this Web site, making changes to the layout, design, and overall identity, etc. 

Please let us know if there are any bugs. More changes are going to come over the weekend (including adding in some color), and if there’s anything strange going on, we’d like to make those edits at that time.

Thanks! I do hope this proves to be rejuvenating for everyone!


  1. i agree with the tweet about it being too white. but i really like the new layout!!


  2. I like! I like! I don’t even think it’s too white, but then again I like white a lot.

    The only way that logo could be any funnier is if there were a striped cat gnawing at the pacifier.



  3. I hadn’t noticed, actually, since I read this from google reader. So I’m glad you got me to click over!

    I second Julie’s comment.

    And I love it!


  4. I think it looks good. My only comment would be at on Foxfire the type is really tight on the left edge.


  5. I seem unable to type anything without typos anymore. Urrggh!


  6. Thanks, everyone, for your feedback. You know, it’s funny, I go back and forth on the simplicity. I was kind of keen on having it be very stark, leaving the “shine” to the photos and content but I also understand people saying that when you’re on the web and colors are free (unlike things in print) why not add some splash of color?

    Anyway, we’re working on some other things that are supposed to go into the banner ontop and I might add the color to those.

    Michele, I will check Firefox right away. (On Safari.)

    Again, thanks guys. And Julie! We actually joked that on Tuesdays we’d have it chewed!!!! Great minds think alike.


  7. I love the logo but will miss the teeny flies :D Like the white too, everything is so “design-y” nowadays, it’s refreshing.


  8. Lisa: Maybe I’ll add some flies for you! (More is coming to the top up there, folks. Don’t you worry. White is good, but I have a few more things to add up there.)

    Any iPhone users out there? We have a plugin we’re using for iPhone users, which means no design whatsoever. I am wonder how folks feel about that. It’s all about usability when it comes to this site and the iphone but I’m not sure if that’s what people want or not.

    Anyway, thanks for the feedback. I know that some folks are gonna be turned off by white, but hopefully once there are some pictures added for each new post, it won’t seem so darn white. :]


  9. What a nice surprise to click over today and see a new design! I love to see how creative people reimagine their websites.


  10. there’s an error on the about page — you don’t live in greenpoint anymore!


  11. Thanks, Jonathan! YOu know, that needs to be rewritten entirely. It’s very outdated it seems!

    I gotta say, writing about pages about oneself is very difficult. Designing a logo for oneself (at least for me) is as well.


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