Japanese Design A Virtual Rape Game

This one goes out to all the mommy bloggers out there looking for something to get riled up about. Let me to introduce you to the Japanese video game called Rapeplay where the main goal is to gang rape virtual women and then force them to have abortions. As a mother, no, as a human being I find this deplorable. While I’m not usually one for censorship, when the freedom of speech is used to excuse someone from moral bankruptcy then all bets are off.

Someone hand me the Motrin.


  1. WTF? Why hasn’t this been banned outright? Why is there no other media coverage on the outrage of this? What can we do to stop it?


  2. That is just disturbing. I’m really open minded, but anything that encourages or fosters people to indulge in such horrific “fantasies” should really just not be allowed, let alone created. But where do we draw the line? I am okay with violent video games existing. If I am against a rape game, shouldn’t I be against games like Grand Theft Auto?

    But I’m not. Rape is higher up on my list of “no-no’s” than murder and beatings.

    I’m not trying to make light of this. I’m horrified this game even exists. At the same time, I’m not really surprised. A lot of weird sexual stuff comes out of Japan. They have always, historically, been very open minded to sexual exploration. That being said, it all really grosses me out.


  3. I am speechless. Thank you for making us aware of this. I might post something on it on my blog too. The more people aware, the better, I think. Atrocious.


  4. Thank you for talking about the people who /designed/ this.

    Everyone else is focused on the question “Who wold /PLAY/ this?”

    I keep asking – “Who the hell built it in the first place?!?”


  5. I have heard about this and it is completely repulsive and should never be on the market, anywhere. You wonder, what kind of mentally defective people came up with this concept and actually created it? Worse still, what company or investor put the money up to produce and distribute it? Was there not one person in that chain who thought this was a bad idea on any number of levels? Was there one person who had a mother, child, wife, sister or friend in their life that they care about which would allow them to think that this might not be the right thing to create?

    I think this just illustrates that there is a great deal of hostility towards women all over the world, maybe more now than ever. I hope the people who created and financed this project suffer like the “fictional” characters in their “game” do. I do believe in karma.


  6. This just makes me want to cry.

    I’ve been raped….the idea that someone wants to make a game of such a despicable debasing act….I’m speechless.

    I have 2 little girls and the thought of them growing up in a world where people would consider victimization like this entertainment or even conceive an idea like this is terrifying. Ugh.

    I need to go cry now.


  7. hi. noticed your recent activity on this subj. and couldn’t agree more. just goes to show how morality and commerce do not necc. go hand in hand. unfortunately, this is not the first japanese vgame to “push-the-envelope” in this manner.
    like your views on this subject. ty


  8. This makes my skin crawl. Every time I think I’ve learned how crazy Japan can be, they one-up me. There’s a lot, and I mean, a LOT of mental instability in that country, sort of as a rebound off of the stoic, worker bee image they’re supposed to put out. Enough of that — after I read your post, I scanned over Japanese websites to learn some stuff. I don’t know why this is coming up now and hasn’t before, since they released a game in 2002 called “Battle Raper” and a subsequent “Battle Raper 2.” Useless wondering aside, I’ve learned that:

    1. The game is by a company called Illusion, a video game development company that specializes in porn/ fetishist games.

    And the most important one:
    2. Their contact email is illusion@illusion.jp


  9. That is truly disgusting. I am in shock. Thank you for speaking out about it.


  10. Isn’t there enough to tittilate the minds of the mentally ill people who think rape and carnage are o.k. in thier sick little worlds? How could Amazon even allow this trash to be placed on thier site in the first place? It truly disgusts me, that someone could even think of something like this to market to the public. Our kids are exposed to enough violence on TV and the internet. Someone has to draw the line somewhere and put a stop to things like this!


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