One of Em’s first ever words was “flower” only it sounds more like “fowah”.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a book we’re reading, a TV show we’re watching, or an advertisement we pass by, he will find that damn flower, or anything that looks like a flower, and he’ll let you know about it.


On Tuesday, we took a trip to the overpriced grocery store that just opened around the corner from us. I have no idea how these guys are going to stay in business, their prices are astronomically high. But I am constantly amazed at what people are willing to pay here in Williamsburg (ourselves included). I think this is the only neighborhood in New York where rents haven’t yet dropped. We’re immune to lowering rents. 

So perhaps this overpriced grocery store will stay in business. 

All that said, we only ever go there if it’s really gross out or it’s not wise for Em to be outside for too long. And since Em has been sick this week with yet another wicked ear infection, I took him to the overpriced grocery store.

We weren’t two feet through the doors when I saw his eyes light up. 


The flowers were wilted and each one cost me almost as much as a gallon of milk at that grocery store, but I simply had to buy  this kid a couple of flowers. 

Emory gets excited about chocolate (which is known as “treat” at our house and is pronounced “teat” which makes me giggle), and he gets excited when he sees me walk into the room after a day spent at school, but I haven’t ever seen him this excited. He carried them around like they were treasures, new relationships, tokens of love.

Granted, all three flowers were destroyed by nightfall. They didn’t stand a chance against The Destroyer. He picked one apart petal by petal and I wondered who he might be thinking about. The other two were used to slap things, including Murray who mistook it for PLAYTIME!

Like I said, the flowers didn’t stand a chance. 

But it was kind of worth it.


  1. Firstly, Em is so adorable. The kid just grows cuter by the day. It is so sweet that he loves flowers. I was just saying to the husband the other day that three great things about the world are puppies, kittens and flowers (I was having a bad day and trying to cheer up!). Emory obviously shares my beliefs.

    I feel for him with the ear infections – I had them A LOT as a child. I remember them when I was in early elementary school, but according to my mom, I had them all the time as a toddler. Poor boy!


  2. Kids are funny that way. I have always loved flowers, but I forgot just how awesome and magical they really are. You know what I mean? I realized that when he finally got to hold the real deal (instead of seeing it in books or whatever) he was completely blown away that something so lovely existed at all.

    That’s something I wish we could still hold onto, you know? We get so used to stuff.

    Granted, I have that thought every time I have a banana. What an amazing piece of fruit! If everything we ate were like a banana, our trash dumps would be so much nicer. Plus, they are awesome to my mouth. ;]


  3. Em is such a cutie…the picture of him inhaling the flower is precious! I hope his ear infection clears up soon.


  4. That is so freak’in adorable.


  5. That is one cute little man you’ve got there. I love this story. And I think you’re right, we should all try to hold on to a little of that magic.

    (Also, Park Slope rents aren’t dropping either, and the $70 t-shirt stores are still in business, so you’re not the only one living in a neighborhood and wondering how it’s sustaining itself. Crazy.)


  6. Super super super cute!!

    I love the first pic of him, with the yellow flower–you have a great natural sense of composition there.

    Through our kids, we get to enjoy parts of our childhood we thought we’d forgotten.


  7. Our grandson started walking yesterday and he actually said “Bah-Bah” when I left as he waved. Great to experience them growing up. Seems more enjoyable now then when watching my kids reach these stages.

    By the way…your comments on Twitter crack me up all day. Keep them coming.


  8. So adorable. I don’t know how often he’s had ear infections but if it’s alot you might research tubes. They are for kids that have them chronically and since ear infections are SO painful and can cause hearing problems it might be worth it if he’s a candidate. PS: I frequent this site, your actually the only blog I read and it’s because your very insiteful and a wonderful mother! I love hearing about Em and learning new ideas from you as my son is just a little younger than yours :)


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