My Son Loves The Vacuum.

I have no idea how this happened, but Em loves the vacuum. He treats it like a pet. He requests I take it out of the closet at least once per day, which is kind of sad considering he might think we keep a pet in the closet. He likes the Dyson so much, he throws starts crying whenever it has to go “night night”. (I swear I didn’t start personifying the vacuum until after he developed an attachment to it.)

Babies are weird.


  1. He vacuumed our entire first floor while you were out shopping. Nice kid to have around sometimes.


  2. wicked! my kid used to hate the blender noise, but we did the reh-reh-reh blender dance a couple of times and ever since then he LOVES the blender!! like crazy. you know some people can’t say ‘outside’ or ‘cookie’ without their kid getting all excited? (i think you said that magic word for em was m-i-l-k). at our house, if we pull out the blender or if we just SAY reh-reh-reh he comes run-crawling from the other room with a big huge smile on his face and bounces up and down in anticipation until we turn on the blender. then he cheers while we blend and wants to try whatever got blended. yah, kids are weird. i love it.


  3. Babies are weird. Evan had a thing for the microwave. He’s over it now, thank goodness, because once we caught him pushing all the buttons then he hit start! He knows he’s not allowed to do that! I was looking through some of your older pictures on Flickr and I cannot believe how big Emory is now. Time flies.


  4. I know, right? I was looking over videos last night from when he was younger and I was blown away about how different he was just a couple of months ago!

    He is also very much attached to the Celtic Singers on YouTube (Blame Grandpa for that one!) During his middle of the night fevers, the only thing that would keep him from screaming was the Celtic ladies. He also refuses to wear baby gloves. He will only wear mine which sucks for me and my hands.

    Babies are really weird. Or maybe as adults we stifle these strange, seemingly random attachments.


  5. That’s pretty funny! Consider yourself lucky, though–Adeline is only starting to overcome her fear of our vacuum. If she sees us anywhere near the vacuum she starts crying and saying “NO! NO! NO! ALL DONE! ALL DONE!”

    When we want to vacuum, one of us has to take her upstairs or outside.


  6. That is too cute! My son is still terrified of the vacuum..and aluminum foil…and the blender. I have to vacuum after he’s gone to bed and use aluminum foil and my blender sparingly. This video is so precious though. You should totally post more videos of Emory now that’s he’s talking so well!


  7. That’s really cute! Better that he likes it rather than being afraid of it! I had one cat who was absolutely fearless around the vacuum cleaner…he followed me around when i was vacuuming, so that i would stop and vacuum him! He seemed to love to have it slurp his feet or tail…and eventually got so that he wanted me to vacuum his ears as well, which i didn’t do too often…was afraid that the noise or suction might hurt his eardrums, despite how much he enjoyed it. Most other cats have been afraid or indifferent.


  8. I used to love the vacuum when I was little, too! I would curl up nearby and kind of hum along with its sound…


  9. Good to know he’s not alone, Sir John!


  10. Michele Chaves March 2, 2009 at 5:18 pm

    I knew another little boy who loved to vacuum too. It isn’t that weird. Well, we’re all weird when you boil it down. Kids are just free to embrace their weirdness and we’re a little embarrassed by it! He probably likes the mechanical nature of it. Wait until he gets into dump trucks and earth movers. I know so many boys who went nuts for those things and all those low budget videos of trucks driving around and moving dirt.


  11. Lochren LOVES the vacuum. He gets excited when we just get near the closet it’s in and comes over saying, “Vooom!”
    When he was a wee babe, we sort of ‘trained’ him to not be scared of the blender and coffee grinder by saying, “Blending!” before starting then dance around, grinning when it was turned on so he’d think it was fun. Now not only is he hooked and loves to dance along, but he’s not at all afraid of loud noises, which is nice. (I can’t help think that giving the kids warning helps them to not be startled by, and subsequently afraid of, the noises)

    I am seriously considering getting a hand-vacuum for him. He may as well start doing chores while they’re fun! :)


  12. Chair, did you know that they make a small, kid version to the dyson? That’s something for the family who has everything! It’ll probably run a person like 200 bucks.

    I am considering what you just wrote as well, btw. Em would love it and we’d have the cleanest house around—we’d also likely lose a bunch of stuff. Good thing we keep our cats big and fat.


  13. Ugh, $200 is unreasonable for a child’s appliance, imo. Even if it does serve a purpose. I’m thinking I’d get something that he can use (fun!) and is still convenient for us to use (work!). We’re not a family who has everything, not by a long shot, but we still try to find fun in work whenever we can :)


  14. Oh, I hear ya. I was guessing at the price and by no means suggesting anyone actually get it!

    We’ll probably get a black n decker and make him pick up all the kittle litter that ends up outside the box


  15. Thats so weird cause my sons name is Emeri too and he loves the vacuum too…i hate using it cause i kno when im done wit it he will start crying like crazy…


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