File This Under: Inappropriate Children's Book Illustrations

Back in 2005 when the pope was dying, I wanted to capture the historical event on film. It was a rainy, chilly day, so I decided to rest on a pew inside Saint Patricks Cathedral for a bit. While there, I saw this peeking out from the top of a hymnal book.

Now, I saw a penis right away. But others felt I was grasping. Perhaps I was. I mean, what (relatively) straight gal doesn’t want to grasp at a penis every now and again? But I think it’s a no-brainer to suggest that the Catholic church make absolutely certain that all printed materials are free from the mere hint of a penis. Don’t they have a Penis Free committee for matters like this? If not, they should. I will head it up. (hehe)

But even so, I am now willing to retract my original belief that there was indeed a penis printed on that religious literature.

But this time? Well, if you suggest that it’s just me this time, then I suggest that you’re crazy.

What you see above is indeed an illustration taken directly from a children’s book my friend reads to her daughter. And we laughed long and hard (hehe) about it.

I am not sure what scenario would bother me more: that a man drew this for a children’s book and didn’t realize it was a penis; that a man drew this for a children’s book and realized it was a penis; or that a man drew this for a children’s book, did or did not realize it was a penis, and his editors let it slide (hehe).




  2. I just showed the picture to my husband. Before I had chance to tell him why I was showing it to him he said “Is that a Penis!” I think that is proof that it really does look like a penis. And a very proud on at that!


  3. OMG! I just had a look at the picture from the church. That one comes with testicles!!!


  4. It’s hard to come without testicles.


  5. errmmm…what’s it say on the little pirate flag in front of the upstanding stone? “danger”? “don’t touch”? lol


  6. I know, right? Who puts a skull and cross bones on a penis like that? Oh, wait! Maybe that’s the message: penis = death.


  7. That’s what she said!

    What’s on the flag? “Anne Ralph”? Did she/they get a little too close to that thing?


  8. So OBVIOUSLY a penis. Oh man, that was a great laugh. I needed that.


  9. It looks to me like it’s a hand flipping someone off –

    multiple fingers and a nailbed – okay I may be reaching, but how many testicles does your man have?


  10. that’s hysterical, thanks for sharing!!


  11. Penis. But I am confused about the four testicles. That hasn’t been my experience….are we doing something wrong in the Midwest?


  12. Oh, that’s a penis, all right.


  13. Penis. No question. If it isn’t a penis, then what is it? I honestly don’t know. Maybe if I saw it in context.

    Have you ever seen this? It’s legit… I used to own the movie with the cover box that had this:


  14. My real concern is that there seem to be FOUR testicles. That could really confuse a young impressionable child.

    (Heh, you said hard.)


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