Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 82)

It’s been over a week since Murray’s second surgery. He seems to be doing well, but he’s still doing his fair share of weird things.

For some reason he keeps licking the inside of our skillets. And sometimes I’ll catch him in the kitchen sink licking the concrete right where it connects to the metal basin. I also found him in the bathroom licking around the bathtub. He ate the icing off my cupcake. He ate nutritional yeast gravy. I tried to give him a Gummy Bear out of desperation thinking he needed something to chew on, he declined. (Don’t judge me!)

He licked the flour off the counter. He ate bread dough. Did I mention the nutritional yeast gravy?

He’s obviously craving something we’re not giving him. I just have to figure out what that is.

What I failed to mention last week was the vet wrote the following on Murray’s discharge instructions: “Can you email us some pictures of Murray sucking on a pacifier?”

I sent him these:

I got the following email back:

“Thanks! Those pictures are great! I’m at a vet conference and got a lot of laughs from my colleagues at lunch. They’re going up on our website when I get back in town. Thanks again!”

I know I said I wasn’t proud of the fact that my cat is either trying to bankrupt us or kill himself, but every time I picture a group of veterinarians sitting around a table together laughing—people who have seen it all when it comes to animals—I can’t help but feel a little proud of this small creature.

Maybe Murray really is special.


  1. Has Murray been checked to see if he’s anemic? I’ve heard that cats with the problem like to eat all sorts of things, including dirt. The anemia can be fatal, so please get Murray checked out (if your bank accounts can take it). I love your site and especially the Murray posts.


  2. Oh, honey, I think we all know that Murray is truly One Of A Kind. Special for sure. :D

    Has your vet recommended giving him a basic multivitamin supplement? When Dr. Sullivan recommended it for Dub, it made a HUGE difference. Such a simple (and inexpensive) thing, it could be worth considering?


  3. I have no idea what Murray might need, but can’t your vet give you a discount for the laughs? I know that when I see photos of Murray, I’m instantly happy (and I’m so relieved he seems better).


  4. Why did you have nutritional yeast gravy in your house?

    I can’t imagine using that stuff on anything other than seitan and popcorn.


  5. Of course Murray Is Special! and maybe you can mention his strange cravings to your vet and see what he recommends. I agree with Jen that a basic multivitamin might be a really good idea. It’s cute to picture all these professionals sitting around chuckling at Murray’s pictures…he’s a unique fellow, that’s for sure!

    And how is Emory feeling??


  6. There is really good stuff called Missing Link for cats that is available from high-end pet retailers. I have a customer who swears by this stuff and it made her cat stop eating a bunch of weird stuff! It’s a powder that is sprinkled over the cat’s food. I think it’s probably fish flavoured so it’s appealing (although, Murray doesn’t need much enticement, it seems). http://www.thecatconnection.com/page/TCC/PROD/HLTH-4674
    They make it for dogs too, for those of your readers with canine friends!

    Good luck!


  7. this makes me wonder if cats that were bottlefed have a predisposition to chomp on plastic and similar odd things.


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