Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 75)

Murray’s first ever (witnessed) snowfall.

Snow must be really strange for cats since the little white things resemble bugs, especially when the show is light and fluffy and the wind carries it every which way it can. He was fascinated. I was as well.


  1. What I really enjoyed about this video was your enthusiasm. And Murray’s seeming reaction to it. “Kill those snowflakes!” “Yes Ma’am.”


  2. I love how he’s just looking and looking up, like, “WHERE are they coming from?”

    And of course, his response to your encouragement. :) What a cutie.


  3. I just want to pinch his little cheeks!! He’s very graceful and beautiful!!


  4. Too funny! And Emory’s laugh in the background…well, that just made my day!


  5. love the markings on Murray! and really enjoy the home life background music.


  6. Have you tried blowing bubbles around him? We did with our Cat today. Lost. Her. Mind.


  7. Any experience with trees? Our first Fall after moving to a house with a yard and trees, Maya stalked the falling and swirling leaves for days at a time, launching her body at those pesky intruders repeatedly – never (I mean NEVER) left the window except for a quick sprint to the litter, drive-by of the food bowl, and back to her post. Repeat the same scenario every year…


  8. No, sadly. Damn city cat! Someday! Dammit, I will give our feline creatures a yard and home or die trying.

    Monique: Bubbles! NOT YET! BUT I AM GOING TO NOW!!!


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