Emory Is Actually An Old Polish Man

This is how Emory reacts to the hammering taking place on the floor above. We have no idea where he got this from. But it totally reminds me of our previous neighbors and their pipe-banging antics.

My favorite part is where Toby Joe says, “STOP IT!” and Emory laughs, like, dude, that’s SO NOT THE WAY THIS IS DONE!


  1. I found it hilarious when he threw himself on the floor in despair.


  2. Oh, Michelle, if you ever doubt that Emory is growing up just right, stop now ! His language is right on target with inflections and everything. The video also reminded me when we would watch and love every move our kids made when they were little. come to think of it, they are still charming at 22 and 18! Hope your day in exile was tolerable. Keep up the good work. -S


  3. This was so hilarious! My son is 15 months and was laughing right along with me. I love how they jabber on like that and they are TOTALLY SERIOUS. Too cute.


  4. Isn’t it awesome? The babble? I am going to miss this phase whenever he starts speaking.

    He was ranting earlier to the construction workers. Most of them don’t speak a word of english. It was a damn hoot.


  5. That is so funny! My son likes to harass waiters and waitresses at restaurants by babbling at them and if they aren’t listening, he points at them and gets totally serious likes “You had BETTER be listening to me!”
    The babble is too cute, along with the fact that Em is too cute as well.


  6. I can’t believe how cute Emory is, not to mention head-over-heels in love with his Daddy.


  7. I love when kids “babble.” They are so heartfelt about it and serious. My son (now 3) never did it – came out talking full sentences. Emory is adorable.


  8. When he said “Emory” – clear as a bell! – I about tipped over from the cute!!


  9. Emory was so cute. Love the conversation. Can you tell me where you got the rug in Emory’s room? It looks great.


  10. Oh, goodness! SO CUTE! If he was tall enough, I could just see him banging on the ceiling with the broom for emphasis!


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