Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 73)

Murray has always enjoyed playing fetch. But in the new place, with the sleek bamboo floors and all, he’s really into it. I think he likes to slide and then fall down. I think he thinks he an action hero from a major motion picture. I think he thinks he’s a lot more badass than he really is. I think he knows that we adore him.

This was taken this morning. We were doing morning things, enjoying it, enjoying one another’s company.

I hope you enjoy it too.

Thanks to everyone who stops by to visit Murray each and every week. Your comments and email mean a great deal to us. I love that he’s loved.

Thank you.


  1. Murray looks like he is losing weight, way to go Murray!


  2. Brilliant! Great exercise for Murray as well as very entertaining!


  3. I have my own 2 furbabies that I love more than anything – but there’s just something about seeing Murry each week that makes me smile too. Thanks for this week’s installment!


  4. Okay, my cat DOES NOT do this. That’s awesome.


  5. MURRAY IS AN AWESOME cat and i am so thrilled for you and him that he is getting better


  6. Mihow—I wrote a post about my VBD (very bad dog) and thought of your lovable Murray. Happy holidays!



  7. Delurking to say- that is one cool cat! He is totally sliding on purpose, he even managed a double slide. I love how he struts upon his return to you. What a hunter he would be.


  8. your new place looks swanky, can’t wait for the update.


  9. What a delightful video! Take that, all ye unbelievers that cats can play fetch! I’m quite sure i heard Em say “kitty cat” very clearly at the beginning, and also maybe “Daddy”? Gonna watch Murray again, that was so much fun the first time!


  10. Ok, it totally looks like Murray is dropping some weight.
    And he looks like he took flight near the end. Super Murray! :)


  11. Em does say Kitty Cat, but not that often! I wouldn’t be surprised. Perhaps I’ll give it a listen again as well.

    Thanks, everyone. Murray is pretty awesome. Oh, and btw, Pookum (our eldest) fetches too! But only tampons and that doesn’t make for great videoing. :]


  12. Hi Mihow. I am a total lurker, but I love reading your site! I have a 3 month old daughter and 3 very spoiled cats, and I can totally relate to your posts! Anyway, thanks for the Murray video. He is such a character, and I am sure he knows you guys adore him! Happy holidays!


  13. I had no idea a cat could fetch.

    My cat just lays around. I love her to death, but, she’s only good for a paperweight.


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