So Much To Report!

… and so little time. So here are a few pictures. I will be back soon with a proper update.

This was taken during our first snowfall, or shortly thereafter whenever the snow turned to rain and the whole city became one slushy puddle.

This is Em’s new room, although, it’s not quite finished yet. The Wall Candy Dots were taken from his previous bedroom. (For those of you who have ever wondered if the dots can be taken off of one wall, stuck on top of one another, and later peeled apart to be placed on another wall across town, the answer is yes. You can save them. They aren’t as perfect, but it sure beats spending another 50 bucks!)

This is of our living room, which isn’t quite finished yet.

And here is a shot of Em I took this morning while we were at McCarren Park collecting sticks.

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday. I would also like to wish you a Happy New Year just incase I am unable to update before Wednesday. (Not likely, though. Things are settling down nicely.)

Also, thank you!


  1. Looks like you’re settling in quite well. Love Emory’s room. Very cool. Have a very happy new year!


  2. Your place is beautiful!!! I love Emory’s room too, such neat colours.

    I can’t believe the curls he has now!!

    Happy New Year to you too.


  3. Your new place is beautiful! And Emory is growing up—and keeping every ounce of cuteness he was born with. :)


  4. The new place looks awesome!


  5. He has the best eyes ever! So blue!


  6. What a beautiful baby! He is absolutely perfect! The apartment is fantastic too!


  7. Emory is growing up so fast! He is absolutely adorable. Happy holidays!!


  8. Thanks so much for mentioning WallCandy Arts on your blog. We’d like to offer your readers a special discount on our wall stickers, please use the code blogsupport20 to get 20% off any on purchase on Peel, Stick, Decorate!! Warm regards, Allison


  9. Ah, happy new year to your lovely little family. Glad the move to the new place went relatively smoothly!


  10. 1) Love Emory’s room!

    2) Emory is looking like a HANDSOME boy! Do you die every day looking at him?

    3) Happy New Year!!!


  11. Looks great Mihow! There’s always something about a new place. After reading your “Goodbye Russell St” post, I totally here you. There’s always that little bit of sadness. I hope this new place brings you guys much happiness…


  12. Your new apartment looks great. Oh my gosh is Emory just beautiful!
    Happy new year and thank you for brightening my day so often!


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