Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 59)

Words fail me.

Everything was normal. We turned our backs for a minute and discovered that Murray had changed positions. The props may have been added by two thirty something going on 7 year olds.

P.S. Have I ever mentioned before how much I love this cat? I love all of my cats, but Murray represents something extra special. I think it’s because he’s just so damn happy. What’s not to love?


  1. Classic. I love that he’s laid back (no pun intended) enough for you to place the remote control on him without him moving away.


  2. Ah, I am familiar with this position. In fact, I am looking at a large, cuddly black and white cat in a similar pose on our chair!

    I know what you mean about extra-special love for one cat. I feel a bit guilty even writing this as I want all the cat gods out there to know I love all three equally, but Paddington is just such a happy cat he makes the husband and me happier. But I love Conor and Steve just as much, and taking the three kittens in off the street was one of the best things we have ever done, but Paddington has just really adapted to indoor domestic cat life very well.

    I think it’s the free food.


  3. This picture is exactly what I needed today. He is just so cute. Thanks.


  4. i meant to comment earlier…

    i sure hope he’s not watching animal planet and a cat-porn special. because that would be troubling!


  5. I just love your photos of Murray. He looks like such a sweet cat. I want to bury my face in his tummy and Nom Nom him. ;)

    Which is a funny thing for me to say, because I get miffed when the vet techs smooch my gatos when I take them in for their check-ups (as in, Get your lips off my cat!).


  6. Murray says, “Could you keep the kid in the other room for a while? Mummy needs a drink and to watch his stories. Sheesh, that little dude is exhausting.”


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