Smart Indeed

This is for egirl because of what she responded with on this post. The trucks were there last night with a big ol’ spot in between them. We woke up to this:

I actually left a note on their car letting them know they made our morning. Hopefully they get to it before Hanna does.

There are so many massive cars living on this block. The juxtaposition here astounds me.


  1. Absolutely love it…brought a smile to my face this morning.


  2. Ooooh the Smart Car! I love those cars! :o)


  3. That is just awesome. Definately perked up my Monday morning.


  4. That’s great! :)


  5. Haha! That is so awesome. Smiling today – thank you!


  6. Now THAT is effing awesome, man!


  7. I wonder if this will change the “let’s save some space for our friends if they happen to visit” policy.


  8. Gosh DANG that is fantastic! I drive a Bug which I feel good about but I heart the Smart Car!


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