The Quickest Post I've Ever Written.

Right now, I am dying my hair brown, making toast, and desperately hoping Em decides to sleep for 45 minutes so I can rinse the hair dye out before he wakes up. It’s the all natural variety, but still. And I actually am only dying one hair brown, since I have lost almost all of it. I look like a coconut.

I figured I’d multitask while my toast is in the oven and write a quick post. I haven’t had much time to write lately because Tobyjoe is in Boston and I’ve been away. It’s just me and the little dude.

Speaking of the little dude, Em has decided in the past week that for whatever reason 1:45 AM seems like a perfect time to wake up from a deep sleep and sob until I feed him. This started about a week ago and hasn’t let up. And I have no idea where it’s coming from. Nevertheless, each and every night Tobyjoe and I have given in because, well, we like to sleep. But Tobyjoe is out of town, and so last night I decided to have a go at the “battle of the wills” and he flattened me. I caved after ten minutes.

I realize we’re creating a terrible habit—knowing he can’t soothe himself back to sleep and instead looks to midnight (or later) milk to help, that can’t be a good thing. And I know the answer probably involves “crying-it-out”, but what’s with the sudden change? And why does it happen at almost exactly 1:30 AM every night? Babies are strange.

I’m beat. But otherwise, things are going pretty well. Nico is coming into town tonight and I’m going to be a brunette for the summer. Also, I’m losing weight, albeit at a snail’s pace. But I hear that’s the better way in the long run? I hope so. I really want to get down to a healthy weight so I can get knocked up again and put it all back on by ingesting cupcakes and perogies. (Is that how you spell perogies? Or is it “a pocket of heaven”?).

And, yes, you read that correctly.

OK, I can smell my toast permeating over the smell of hair dye. Must eat, then rinse.

Holy crap! I forgot to mention the most important thing! Em took two steps. He was pissed off at the time, so I am not sure if he even realized it. But he took two steps!

(Please note: I can’t be held accountable for grammatical errors or spelling issues because I seriously wrote this in less than three minutes. I ask that you forgive me. Haste is to blame. And sleep deprivation, 10 months out.)

Edited to add: Pictures! Also, I am going to continue posting a few pictures of Em until he starts to become less baby and more boy. I am thinking at around 14 months? Anyway, more on that later when I write up the changes that will take place here eventually. Soon. Whenever.


  1. My Anthony (10 mos. 2 weeks) is doing the same night waking suddenly. Have been told by many that this is normal – sudden developments (crawling, pulling up, walking) can disrupt sleep patterns. Nice to know it’s not just our baby, but goodness, it is tiring! We sometimes try just cuddling him and giving him some water – that has him back to sleep about 1/3 of the time – otherwise, we cave as well and give him some bottle.


  2. Patty: That’s reassuring! I had it tucked somewhere in the back of my brain that this was “normal” a 10-month regression of sorts. Let’s hope they work it out, eh?


  3. If he is gearing up for a growth spurt, he may actually be waking up hungry. My toddler still wakes up starving some nights, and we give her a cheese stick and send her back to bed, and boom, she grows an inch. I know it’s hard, but remember that he’s not waking up to bug you – he’s not to the “How can I drive my mom crazy” stage – I think that is three. :P

    And woooo Em! You’re going to be running in no time!


  4. Yeah Em and watch out cats! Sounds like possible growth spurt time to me, too. Don’t feel bad about not letting him cry it out yet. I have to remind myself that I let my son nurse himself back to sleep until he was about 12 months old against all conventional wisdom. The crying it out with number 1 probably didn’t come until I was pregnant again about 15-18 months. Speaking of which… I think I got chills when I read you want to get “knocked up” again. I know having more than one child is not for everyone, but as I watched my kids play together this week I turned to my husband and said, “I know I’ve made a lot of parenting mistakes, but getting pregnant when I did was not one of them.” I was much more relaxed after my 2nd was born, and now they are such good buddies. I just hope they always get along this well.

    Oh, and I think it’s spelled pierogies : ) I’ll have to send some fresh ones to you from the ‘Burgh if the time comes.


  5. Hey – you caught me there… thinking of another already are we? :) Wow – you’ve got more juice than me. I barely feel like I am surviving, much less plotting my next 40+ lbs weight gain.

    In reverse fashion, we finally got our E to sleep through the night after 9 months of not, with good ol’ Dr. Ferber. It was hard to do, but one week later and the sleep is amazing. Both E’s and mine. Feel like a new person!


  6. Oh, believe me, I hardly have things together at all. And I too am barely surviving, but I was thinking about it the other day. I’m almost 35. I hear things become a lot more difficult the older a woman gets. So, I figure that since we really do want to give Em someone to grow older with, we should probably get it over sooner than later. I know this sounds probably selfish, but I’d also like to “get it over with” in my 30s and have my 40s to kick back and “relax”.

    So, yeah, I guess I’d rather start trying on number two (and that will be it, I promise) soon and then sit back more later.

    I hope that doesn’t come off as selfish. If it doesn’t happen now, there’s always adoption although, i hear that’s growing increasingly more difficult as well. Even tho children are beat to death here in NYC because the system can’t seem to get their head’s out of their asses.

    OK, that’s a story for another day…


  7. I hear ya on the frustration of Emory suddenly waking up in the middle of the night. Adeline has started doing that recently, and at first we blew it off, just rocking her back to sleep. But she is HUNGRY. She now wakes up twice a night (at 2 AM and 5 AM, which technically isn’t night anymore) and has at least a six ounce bottle both times. Sometimes she still wants more after 6 ounces.

    She has also decided baby food is for…babies…and will only eat whatever it is we are eating. I want my tiny baby back!


  8. Our son did the same thing, waking up in the middle of the night crying, and I nursed him back to sleep too. And you know what, a week or so later he started sleeping through the night again. I agree with the above posters that it’s more than likely a growth spurt.

    Congrats on the weight loss! I’m envious! I wish I had your will power… How are you liking Weight Watchers? Are you doing core or flex?

    And it’s great to see pictures of Emory again. He’s such a cutie.


  9. Everyone else beat me to it – looks like Em is hitting one of those pesky growth spurts. No kids here, but far too much experience with kids. I remember this one I used to babysit – Fred- started doing this. His parents warned me and now I remember he was just about this age. It too shall pass…

    Glad the Weight Watchers is going well. I didn’t post on your original entry (or maybe I did…I can’t remember), but my mom is a dietician, so a lot of my friends who try to lose weight go through my mom (which means my mother telling me all sorts of tips to give to them….I only get to talk to her once a week, and most of it is spent getting messages to relay…luckily, I find it all interesting). Slow and steady IS better. You can force it quickly, but then your body will go into starvation mode and the minute you start eating normally, you will gain it all back plus more. Diet is a lifestyle thing – you should have a much better chance of keeping it off if you modify your lifestyle for good rather than making a few drastic changes in the short-term.

    Looking forward to pictures of Em…your cut off point should tide me over until the husband and I actually start trying to produce some offspring of our own…..


  10. If you want a rough “schedule” of when to anticipate sleep regressions Ask Moxie has a great article. Search “wonder weeks” on her website. The schedule is taken from the book titled Wonder Weeks. I only wish I’d found the info sooner, it would have made my life a tiny bit less stressful to be able to anticipate the crazy sleep disruptions.

    I hope Em gets back to sleeping soon! Hang in there!


  11. Having young kids while in your 40s is no picnic (and I speak from current experience). LOL But I agree with a previous poster; me thinks it’s a growth spurt and he’s hungry. Maybe you could try mixing up some rice cereal or oatmeal for him to have right before bedtime. Along with his normal night time bottle, hopefully that will hold him all night so you can get some rest. I need rest. I really miss rest. LOL


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