BlogHer Bag Tagline Contest.

I am totally and completely shocked my tagline wasn’t chosen for the BlogHer bag tagline contest. Only not really.

Naturally, “Clique Here” didn’t make the final cut.

Regarding BlogHer 08: no, I’m not going. I know. I know. Tears are going to be shed in my absence. Goodness knows, everyone notices whenever I’m not around, right?

In all seriousness, I haven’t ever been to a Blog_Her_ or blogger event. I feel like a terrible gal blogger for this, but I do not enjoy being in large groups. Having me as a guest at a large gathering is like witnessing a live Cat Power show (before she gave up the hardcore drugs) only I’m a lot less hot, a lot less talented, and a lot more boring.

OK, so, maybe it’s not like that at all. But I totally would end up facing the back of the auditorium.

I do hope everyone has a good time. I wish it were possible for me to.


  1. If it makes a difference, I wouldn’t buy any of those bags with the “final” taglines. For real, clique here is waaaay better.

    What I would vote for? “boobosphere”


  2. mMMmmmmmMMm boooooobs

    How about Boobosfear?


  3. Your tagline perfectly sums up BlogHer. And yet I’m still going even though I’m not part of the cool crowd.


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