Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 48)

I am in South Jersey for a few days visiting my parents. I’m relaxing. We’re going deep sea fishing. It’s gonna be awesome. Right now, I’m sipping coffee, eating my daily allowance of Weight Watcher’s yogurt (Strawberry today), and catching up on the plethora of ways I normally waste my time. (Hello, Internet!)

I gotta tell you, unplugging for a few days really sets a person back. I feel as though I have no idea what is going on (out there) anymore. And I’m not sure if I feel out of it or liberated.

It seems most of Twitter is filled with blurbs about iPhone gadgetry, heat waves and travel. The national news seems to be about iPhones, the Clintons, and the price of gas per gallon. And of course our local news is about baseball, subway outages and heinous acts of torture. Flickr has been fairly consistent. Travel, dogs, babies, more travel, macro shots, and more dogs, throw in a few mouthwatering shots of meals and you get a pretty great idea of my daily “Friends and Family” Flickr stream.

My Net News Wire RSS feed reader is down to less than 20 feeds. Sometime last month I decided—out of nowhere—that I was spending too much time trying to keep up with other blogs. That said, I have no idea what’s been going on in the (I hate this term) Blogosphere lately.

And then I got to my email. I had a lot of email waiting. I’m still nowhere near caught up, but I’m trying.

I heard from Karyn (my old boss) and Nico (who’s coming to see me on Friday). I heard from many of you about Weight Watchers and how you either hated it or love it. I also had an email from Lisa, our cat sitter extraordinaire.

Part of her email read:

“Tucker said hello then hid, but Pookum came right out to eat and sat for some pets and headbumps. Murray was Murray. He knocked my coffee over and tried to steal my Entenmans. You can’t trust him for a second can you?”

It’s nice to know that while the internet may be full of surprises, twists and turns, Murray remains exactly the same. You can always count on Murray even if it’s about how little you can trust him.


  1. i love being disconnected….i just got back from a convention in las vegas….5 days completely removed from work and the news and all the political b.s. that’s out there! it was awesome and i don’t even really care for vegas. i think i would be so much happier just not knowing, not like i can fix anything you know?

    i love deep sea fishing? where does popshow keep the boat? i usually go out from ocean city. i’m supposed to go to o.c. this thursday for a week, but unfortunately, work has me all jambed up and i can’t take eddie(no dogs allowed!)


  2. I have to agree. I have a love/hate relationship with the Internet. So, I know what you mean.

    My father and mother now live in South Jersey. Sold the house in SC and moved out here. He keeps his boat in Forked River. Not much fishing this week due to the cost of gas, but we’ll get out a bit.


  3. Love this story about Murray. So simple and yet so sweet.


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