More on Vaccinations: Hib recall.

I have written about this before. I’ll probably never stop. This is why we can’t blindly trust our government or major pharmaceutical companies.

“Dougherty could not immediately say whether the contamination seen at the factory involves a virus or bacteria. She said if someone were vaccinated with a contaminated shot, “There is a risk they could develop an infection.” But she did not provide more details”

Thanks for the reassurance there, Dougherty. Thanks for clearing that up. The vagueness can mean one of two things, and both are troubling. Either they don’t know what the “infection” is or they think we’re too stupid to handle the truth. I want to know everything they know. Let me then make an informed decision. We’re not children, but these are our children they’re talking about.

I’m not against vaccines but I’m troubled by the fact that there aren’t perfect measures in place to make sure there are no contaminations, or weird additives. And I find it appalling that any state would make vaccinations mandatory especially if they don’t offer textbook explanations for any problems or side-effects that do arise. It’s no wonder why so many parents are wary of injecting their children with up to 23 shots by age two. Safety is something that needs to be worked out before suggesting it be mandatory.


  1. I called our pediatrician this morning, because Adeline just got her 4 month shots two weeks ago. Thankfully, the shots she got were not from the manufacturer that has the recall. I was worried all night.


  2. I want to know more details. Why aren’t they being more transparent? When it’s our children’s health, they need to be more transparent. I’m not even sure what to look for. He had Hib about two months ago.


  3. Found a bit more information on this site.

    Called our pediatrician to ask if theirs was a part of the recall. We’re in the clear.


  4. Details about the recall can be found here:

    It appears that Bacillus cereus was the potential contaminant- found on machinery, etc. but not in vaccine. Since there was the potential for vaccine contamination, the recall was issued. You may be most familiar with bacillus cereus as a type of food poisoning.


  5. Thanks, egirl. I’ll go read it on the CDC site. I guess the spokesperson should have suggested that instead of being short and therefore vague.

    Maybe I’m just overly sensitive today. heh


  6. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it is not to trust the general media’s account of health-related issues. To these folks, it isn’t a story unless they freak out as many people as possible. I try to go to the source and hopefully their info is more reliable/detailed (and understandable)! But I agree… reading the general news accounts, I couldn’t tell what the contaminant was and I was highly concerned. After reading more on CDC, I was still concerned (I am a mom who has a kid who just had shots after all!), but somewhat reassured. They haven’t found it in the vaccine supply yet, plus my baby didn’t have any abscesses or infections within a week after vaccination when those side effects would have been most likely.


  7. Not sure what it means, but odd enough to point out (and I could read a whole hell of a lot into this) that CNN put this article in the “money” section. heh Because, by all means, thats what’s most important about this, Merck’s stocks, right?


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