Here She Goes Again

I love my son. I love him more than words can possibly say. Remember that as I continue with the bitching and moaning.

Months ago, we planned on going to Boston for the Barbarian Group holiday party. My parents were planning to drive to New York from Southern Jersey and watch the little man. We reserved a hotel room and train tickets. Up until today, my biggest complaint was that I haven’t had time to get my eyebrows waxed, my nails done, and a dress purchased. TobyJoe left this morning on the 8 AM train. I was planning on leaving tomorrow on the 10 AM train.

Well, the Northeast is currently getting blasted by snow, sleet, and rain. It’s not pretty out there. And I hear Boston is currently taking it up the ass without any lube.

When I was 22, I took a train to NYC from State College to visit friends. It was the great snowstorm of 96 (I think that was the year). Long, long story short, I got stuck on a train in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. My parents (bless their sweet hearts) decided to relieve me of having to spend the night with two strangers in a hotel room. They decided to drive to Harrisburg from State College. They got 5 miles up the road and were hit from behind by a truck and pushed into the path of an oncoming snowplow. My father picked glass out of his hair and face for days to come.

I almost killed my parents. Luckily, they survived. But I still shudder when I think about the alternative. This is precisely why I will not allow them to drive to NYC just so I can go to a holiday party. (And if they do threaten to drive here, I’ll flat out refuse to go to Boston. I’ll lock them out as well. And keep them from Emory. Take that, mom and dad.)

But, MAN! am I ever saddened by this! And I want to kick the weather’s ass. We’re going to have to reschedule something because I need some time away from the baby. I know that once I’m away I’ll complain that I miss him, but I think that I need to miss him. Perhaps we’ll schedule something right around our anniversary on January 3rd (after we get kicked out of our apartment of course).

So, for the next 48 hours, it’s Emory and me alone at home during a snowstorm. I will now commence with overeating leftover birthday cake. I plan on putting on all 6 pounds I lost last month.

It’s a good thing I didn’t buy a dress.

Edited to add: My parents called from the turnpike. They are exiting to get to the Holland Tunnel. They didn’t call first, they drove against my wishes. Now I feel like a whiney bitch and a heartless one since they will arrive and all our doors will be locked.

Edited by Dad: We’re here and she let us in. Now we have full custody of Emory in an effort to keep him away from the crazy woman. We think she will head to Boston after all to spend some quality time with the Bean.

(Seriously, is it just awful up north or what?)


  1. I’m so sorry for your disappointment. I would be really upset too! Wish I could magically transport your parents to your house and you to Boston.

    Stupid weather.


  2. Like I said elsewhere, if you need anything, please call us. I know how easy it is to get a little stir-crazy when you’re housebound.


  3. i just wrote Gerry suggesting we have an impromptu holiday gathering at Parish.


  4. I totally sympathize. Grace and I chose to stay home while Rachel went to Boston this morning at 10AM. Now we’re not only without her, but we’re stuck in the house. For after-nap fun we have the birdfeeder (Grace) and espresso (me). Party!


  5. I’m from State College. I remember that snowstorm. I was driving back to PA, and when I got to the border, there were state troopers parked in the road, saying the state was shut.
    I hope you get to go somewhere. I have a 17-month-old boy, and I get excited to do things without him but feel guilty when I do. So, I’m not the only one?
    Thanks for writing. I love your site.


  6. it is bad up here now…but it will be fine by the morning. it actually looks like the snow has slowed down to almost nothing, so by tomorrow it will certainly be fine up here.

    HAVE FUN!!!


  7. Well you obviously inherited your AWESOME from your parents. :D

    Safe travels to all involved, and seriously, just have a wonderful time and enjoy it!


  8. I moved from Upstate NY to Central FL and I have to say it is going to be FREEZING here this weekend. It’s supposed to go down to the mid 60s. BRRRR. Yes, rubbing it in. I only miss the snow a little bit.


  9. Remember when it was the kids that didn’t listen to the parents? I don’t think the parenting contract has a clause requiring parents to listen to their children. :)


  10. I love that your dad updated the site for you! So cute.


  11. You NEED time away from Emory. You will enjoy yourself, you will miss him, and you will feel guilty for it. This is normal, and it lasts for a loooooooooong time. My daugher is 5 I still feel guilty everytime I spend time away from her. But I am a much better mommy after some time away from her, and I remind myself of this everytime I start to feel guilty. You will be a better mommy too!!


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