Tuesdays With The Bean and Murray

I’m sorry I can’t use up today’s post on Murray entirely, Internet. But I will include a picture and this video of Murray’s butt.


Today is TobyJoe’s birthday. He turns 30. THIRTEE. He’s finally old man river. I turned 30 almost four years ago. I am almost dead. OK, that’s not true, but my body is currently telling me otherwise. Anyway, The Bean is 30. Happy Birthday, Bean.

This is what Toby looked like 15 years ago:

This is how he looks now:

Today will be much like every other day only today will have cake (and some overflow cupcakes) because I made a cake yesterday evening. The cake (along with several cupcakes) was made right under Toby’s nose. It was supposed to be a surprise birthday cake, one baked today, but I have learned that surprises are impossible when you have a baby because there’s no one to watch the (very needy) baby while the other is baking the cake. It’s also impossible to make a surprise anything with Murray around because Murray will find it, rip the tinfoil off and try and eat it even though chocolate is sometimes poisonous to cats. It’s impossible to have surprises with a baby and a Murray in the house, unless you consider cake ransack a surprise or a poopie diaper.

We aren’t going out for a romantic meal because we don’t have anyone to watch the baby. But that’s OK, because we would much rather have the baby than a romantic meal. Plus, a romantic meal is how we ended up with the baby. And there won’t be any presents because all the extra money we’re making is going into the baby’s college fund. It’s what I like to call our “401 Kid”. We’re putting as much money as possible into the kid’s education so when we’re old and immobile, in 7 years, he’ll be able to take care of us. He’s allowed to specialize in whatever he wants, except for law. I tell Emory all the time, “Mommy doesn’t like lawyers. If you want to go to law school, I will take your money and give it to Murray the cat.” And TobyJoe always says, “That’s a surefire way to make him become a lawyer.” And I laugh.

Anyway, it’s TobyJoe’s 30th birthday. Happy birthday, Bean.


P.S. You are the awesome.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Bean!!!

    Thirties are the best.

    Hope this year is even more magical than the last.


  2. HEY! What’s wrong with lawyers?


  3. haha! I knew someone would say something. Not ALL lawyers are poopy pants. Out of 10 lawyers, 1 is awesome.

    And all the awesome lawyers read my Web site. :]


  4. Hammer don’t hurt ‘em!

    Happy Birthday Toby Joe! The 30s have been very very good to me. Also, enjoy your cake!


  5. Today I’m 28 (weeks pregnant). So it’s my baby’s unbirthday!

    Anyway, I read that TJ was 30 and then my eyes auto scanned down to the first pic, where I thought, “DAMN! He doesn’t even look TWENTY. What good genes in that family!” before I read your caption of “This is what he looked like 15 years ago.”

    What a dumb-a** I am…




  7. Okay, I can deal with that answer!!


  8. Happy Birthday Mr. Mihow! I turn 30 next year. GAH!


  9. Happy 30th, Tobyjoe! I just turned that corner last month, and I like the view from this side so far.

    You guys are the most adorable family (human and feline) on the interweb.


  10. Aww! Happy birthday to your baby-daddy. Oh, and thanks for the kitty pron (nice ass there Murray!)


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