Tuesdays with Murray (Chapter 24)

The cats used to sleep with us. Now we have to close the doors at night so they don’t walk all over the baby. One of our four legged roommates can’t seem to figure out that the baby is alive. It just so happens that he’s the smallest of the three cats which is a good thing because whenever he does walk on the baby the baby doesn’t even flinch. It’s quite the opposite, actually. One morning I woke up to find Emory laughing because Murray had a paw against Emory’s side. (Before you call the ACS, we don’t actually let the cat walk all over the baby.) Unfortunately, Murray is starting to put on weight, which means we’re going to have to keep an closer eye on him whenever he’s near Emory. It also means I’m going to have to put him on a diet. And I hate that idea because living with Murray is like living an episode Fear Factor. Only he doesn’t do it to show off his enormous, fake tits. He eats everything just for fun.

Now we shut the folding doors that separate the living area with the bedrooms, a decision Murray is not very pleased with. And he lets us know about it each and every night repeatedly. It starts whenever we first close the doors. And I generally give in if we’re still reading or watching TV. I let him in just to prove that he’s not missing anything. Eventually, he either gets bored or we have to toss him out. But the cries do not stop. The cries return at least twice during the night and they come on strong at 5 AM. The cries are much more desperate at 5 AM.

Murray has always visited me at 5 AM. When he was a kitten and we first brought him home, he’d climb into bed and curl up on my ear or around my neck. One night, I had a dream I was having my teeth drilled and I haven’t ever even had my teeth drilled. I woke up to find Murray asleep and purring loudly against the right hand side of my face. I miss him a lot. But it has to be done.

A few days ago, we were sleeping soundly. At around 4 AM, Emory woke up and wanted something to eat. I fed him and changed him and we were asleep again by 4:30. At 5 AM Murray started. He cried and cried. I guess he wondered where we had gone. They were up a minute ago, where have they gone? Why have they locked me out again? He continued to cry and we continued to ignore him. This went on for roughly 15 minutes.










At some point he realized that a simple MEOW wasn’t going to work and so he moved on to a more abrasive tactic.

This is what the tactic sounded like. (Click below.)

Murray is probably the only creature capable of making me laugh at 5 AM. And of course throwing the monkey against our door a few times not only woke me up, it brought him numerous early morning scritches as well.


  1. I heart Murray. I wish he and Orville could meet so that they could meow and eat weird stuff together! (On the weekend, Orville sampled roasted garlic… ) Tabbies. What won’t they eat?


  2. My tabby recently tried eating a pretzel. That was fun.


  3. Oh, Murray. I want to smooch on your furry little head.


  4. We’ve had a house guest close the door to their bedroom only to have them open it 5 minutes later when they cant stand the scratching and meowing at the door… then Boags will wander in, have a look around and leave. He just cant stand to think that theres something happening behind the door that he’s missing out on!

    Its adorable!


  5. Your cat is brilliant. My younger one can’t even figure out that he can push doors open after nearly two years.


  6. My mom has little cats like that money, that make hideous cat sounds. Maybe Murray needs one of those.


  7. We deal with the same racket, plus the distinct sound of a paw rubbing under the door (a desperate attempt to open the door). Our cats haven’t been allowed in the bedroom for years now, and even though they are somewhat used to it, we still get the periodic crying and quick darts through the door and under the bed when it finally opens.


  8. Awww – just don’t leave any thin needle-like objects or credit cards around, or else Murray will figure out how to pick a lock.

    And Curtis is obsessed with string beans, which I think is weird.


  9. i don’t have a baby, but i have a 29-year-old child who sometimes gets very annoyed with two kitties owning the bed (in all fairness, they were here before he was…).

    my tortie is meek and just gives up. my tabby will cry and claw ALL. NIGHT. LONG. and once we open the door? he will just go sleep in the living room. he just doesn’t like closed doors. i can understand that…

    (oh, and he also will eat anything…salsa…strawberries…popcorn…beer…and sometimes all in one night!)


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