2 Roads. 1 Internet.

I originally posted this on Sunday night. It was up for about 2 hours before I had a minor freak out and took it down. I freaked out because I worried that people who may not have heard about it otherwise would find out about it because of me. I wouldn’t rate this blog PG by any means, but posting a fetish video isn’t something I want on my resume, especially now that I’m a mother. I’m a lot more overprotective and sensitive now that I’m a mother.

A few days have gone by since I deleted the original post. In that time I have watched a few more of the reaction videos on YouTube, including one starring John Mayer and a cup of ice cream. Opie and Anthony have been showing it to their comedian friends and filming their reactions. The one with Adam Ferrara is pretty awesome.

The reaction videos are a sight to be seen. I really mean that. Some of them had TobyJoe and me laughing out loud. I think it’s awesome that people have taken something so downright disturbing and turned it into something creative and funny. In the future, whenever someone brings up the Brazilian fetish video, I won’t think about two girls doing disgusting things with feces; I’ll think about the hilarity that ensued instead.

I fear this has become the longest caveat ever. But I think it proves how conflicted I am. And I think I’ve pretty much rewritten the original post with more paranoia this time.

In the name of creativity, I have decided to resubmit the post from Sunday.

Please note: I am writing this today NOT to pique anyone’s interest. Though the subject at hand sparked a bit of curiosity at first, I took the sage advice of friends and family and held strong.

My purpose today is to warn those who haven’t yet seen and/or heard about the newest gross-out meme to follow my lead. Those whose friends are of the type that cajole and trick and hack at resolve should heed this warning: Do not succumb to a moment of weakness, lest you wish for a time machine.

On Friday, TobyJoe came home and said, “You hear about the new [insert website term I am not going to say for fear that folks will look it up] sweeping the Internet?”

“No.” I replied. “But if it’s anything like [insert website term I am not going to say for fear that folks will look it up], I don’t want to know about it. I still can’t shake that image from my head.”

“It’s so bad Ryan won’t let anyone say the name. Andy had to sign it to me from across the loft.” TobyJoe made a number two using two fingers and mouthed a word and then held up one finger and then made a gesture like he was drinking. “Apparently it’s very disturbing. I haven’t watched it.”

“Do I want to know about this? Does it show animal cruelty?” I asked.

“No, but it shows two girls eating poop and then vomiting in each other’s mouth.”

“Oh holy crap! Gross. But I could handle that, I bet.” I bragged. “I can’t believe you didn’t watch it”

“No way. But I did watch the reaction videos.”

And that’s how it started. That’s how I became obsessed with a video I will purposefully never watch.

I have watched countless reaction videos which are downright genius. Here are a couple of my favorites. And this is the video that made TobyJoe decide not to watch it.

I find the whole phenomenon fantastic. I think the reason I find it so completely amazing is that this particular trend takes everything that is so very wrong with Internet and inspires some of the things that are so right. The reaction videos (a trend all its own, the reaction video) are consistent enough to bring to mind clinical psychological studies and the results are just as fascinating. The reaction videos restore a little faith in humanity. They suggest that while there is a lot of ugly out there, there’s a whole hell of a lot more awesome.

That’s why I have decided to take the road less traveled and not watch the original video. I want to live in the world with a lot more awesome.


  1. ughhhhhh yes…i have managed to avoid seeing it as well but i feel like i have seen it just by listening to so many people talk about it!

    john mayer’s video for real made me laugh out loud though…and if you replace ice cream and chocolate syrup with the, erm, other fluids, you’ve basically seen the video


  2. The reaction videos are the best. I think it’s really interesting that many initial reactions are giggles. Weird!


  3. OH, lana, I am still so sorry you watched it. you poor gal. You forgive me, right? I hope…

    I think people laugh because they aren’t sure what else to do! I had the same reaction as that guy from Fear Factor when I heard about it. My first reaction was, “What drugs did they do this for?”


  4. Oh… dear… Already had HRT induced nausea and then I thought about it… aaaa….


  5. I clicked on a link not knowing what the video was, at first I was like “is this porn?” then AHHHHHHHHH EWWWWWWWWW and I turned it off. I managed to last until the glass came out and that was enough for me. I do however love watching the reaction videos and Joe Rogan’s reaction was hilarious!!! There is also a reaction video with Kermit the Frog that I didn’t watch yet but I would be interested to know what happens in it.

    And I totally agree with wanting a time machine afterwards.


  6. the kermit the frog reaction video is HILARIOUS. i also refused to watch the actual video though.


  7. I haven’t seen Kermit! Someone give me this link! Or I could look myself. Duh


  8. I love that your first question was, “Does it involve animal cruelty?” That would have been mine too!


  9. No permanent damage done, mihow! … I think


  10. I agree, the offending movie is obviously horrible, but people’s reactions seem appropriate. Yes, they are funny, but they seem appropriate.

    Hey I missed Kermit!…. going back


  11. I watched it. I couldn’t help it. It was the reactions that made me do it. I had heard about it before and didn’t care but those damn reaction videos…. I had to see.
    I have seen nasty poop and vomit videos before when i was a teenager and it was funny and gross but I have never seen anything as nasty as that. Man.
    Joe Rogan’s reaction was the most appropriate, i think, out of all of them.
    Don’t watch it, MIHOW readers. Even if you are tempted, even if you think you can stomach it…. don’t do it. I feel like making a PSA against watching the video.


  12. I don’t know who Adam Ferrara is but he made me think the 6 seconds I watched weren’t enough. Well TO BAD ADAM. I am never going back. You hear. never.


  13. there’s a link to the kermit video on the actual 2 girls 1 cup page.


  14. Michele,
    I actually came across that video several weeks ago on Perezhilton.com. I NEVER read that site but for some reason I was bored with the internets and started getting my monthly dose of celebrity gossip. When he warned me not to click on the link, i did not heed his warning and clicked. I may be too sensitive or something but it REALLY disturbed me. I didn’t have the visible reactions like some of the youtube videos show but I almost started crying, it was so disgusting and disturbing. I didn’t want to believe it was real and throughout the day, even though I watched it for only maybe 10 seconds, I kept having flashbacks which made me feel like crying again! So. I’m really REALLY glad to see you did not post it. The reaction videos are great though!


  15. I would never post it. I won’t watch it for the very same reason you are afflicted. Things haunt me. I can’t stand the idea of seeing it. I’d rather imagine whatever I’m missing.

    I’m sorry you were so curious! AVOID. AVOID. AVOID!

    I am still haunted by things I saw in the past. No way I’m going to add to that list.


  16. i don’t know why u are so scared of this video … i mean, you drank expired milk, right?


    drinking expired milk is way gross and it will make u as sick as thsoe girls!1

    love you’re blog!! i want to be a designer too!


  17. First time posting, but have been reading for a while (don’t want to be one of those pesky lurkers!). Anyway, I too had heard about this ages ago, but pushed it to the back of my mind. Then, I saw your post and when the husband got back from work today, I asked him if he had heard of it. He immediately logged on and before I could stop him, he was watching it! I tried to stop him, but his shrieks of horror had me in giggles. I had watched reaction videos and laughed at them but the one in my own house was too funny for words. I only wish I had known he was going to watch it so I could create my own reaction video. It would have been a classic.

    I had, originally, refused to watch it. But then the husband broke me down. He said I tricked him (which I claim I didn’t). I watched it, and it was horrible – more horrible than I could imagine – but because I knew what was going to happen, I didn’t have the same reaction as a lot of the videos. My husband didn’t know what to expect AT ALL so he claims it has been haunting him all night. I normally dwell on everything, so I am a bit surprised I was able to push this out of my mind so quickly, but I fully expect to have strange dreams tonight which will make me regret ever watching.

    I agree with the overriding sentiment of avoidance though. Not worth the time! Spend hours watching reaction videos instead!


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