Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 18)

Emory is happiest whenever he’s being held. So I hold him a lot, which usually leaves me with only one free arm. I’ve spent a lot of time discovering things to do with one arm. There aren’t many. Reading a book isn’t easy to do with a newborn. (At least for me.) Cleaning is impossible. And knitting is so far out of the question, not that I got the hang of it yet anyway. Writing on the Internet is too frustrating because typing with one hand makes me feel crippled. Although, I do it sometimes. Usually, my texts look like an LOL cat wrote them.

“k. cnt type mch. 1 hand. b crful. c u soon. sry abt the wrk load. get sum wine.”

One day I received a response back from Toby. It read:

“I really have no clue what that could even mean.”

I usually bring Emory into the bedroom around 9:30 PM every night, which leaves me with all the evening programs the following morning. And so I’ve been watching a lot of television because it’s easy to do with one hand. (Please note, judgmental parents of the Internet, I read to him every day as well. I sing to him too. I don’t just sit around blogging, watching TV, and eating chocolate. Well, that last part is sort of true. Producing breast milk takes a whole lot of chocolate. But I digress.)

No matter how much planning goes into my couch camping organization skills, I still manage to forget one key item in order to survive. I’ll have Emory in one arm, a beverage at my feet, a pacifier on my right, the next bottle within reach, pillows propped up and ready to go for my sore back, maybe a snack or two, snacks that can be eaten with one hand. I’m ready to camp out for however long Emory wishes. But! Where’s the remote? The remote is out of arm’s reach. And I’m left thinking about one of my favorite books from childhood. I could probably learn a thing or two from this kid:

The other day was not unlike the rest. Only this time the remote was on the chair with Murray.

Of course, I had to put the baby down for a minute, leave my campsite, and take a picture.

Now, if only I could get him to work it for me.


  1. Hi

    I’ve been lurking here for awhile (followed you over here from flickr) and wanted to just say that I’ve really been appreciating your blog.

    I am having a baby in about 6 weeks and it’s been nice to check in here and see how things are going for you. I must say, Emory is a super beautiful baby.

    In terms of doing things one handed, have you tried a baby sling? (or… maybe you’re enjoying the one armed challenge?)


  2. Fix that white balance!

    Yep, photo post-processing criticism from jury duty.


  3. Dude, I only have one hand available! You? You are totally freed. You do it.

    No, fine, I’ll put the kid down to fix the white balance on the picture.


  4. Oh, and Cheryl, I tried the maya wrap when he was first born and it scared me. Seemed really uneasy. I should give it a go again. Right now, I’m sort of waiting it out so I can safely use the Bjorn. I think I’ll feel better when he can hold his head up for longer than a few seconds at a time. I hope.


  5. speekina lolcats, that picture of murray is just begging for it!

    plus, as long as I’m being juvenile, anyway, the phrase “I’ve spent a lot of time discovering things to do with one arm.” made me snicker.


  6. Have you tried a pouch instead of the Maya? I have the Maya but also bought a Peanut Shell from Target after chatting it up with a new mom about how much she loves it. And the two week old in the pouch just looked so happy!

    And I ditto Cheryl; I just found your blog a few weeks ago and have loved reading it. My own little guy was due on Sunday so…yeah. It’s nice to read about other new mommas, especially since I don’t know that many around here yet.


  7. Two words- ERGO CARRIER. Please go buy one.. please? I tried like 6 carriers and wraps and nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to the Ergo. Leaps and bounds above the Bjorn! (and we had the fancy one with extra lumbar support). For wearing around the house it’d be a little bulky I think, but it’s SO comfortable…………… there is an insert you can use for a real tiny baby. It works for kids up to 40 lbs, and you can wear them tummy-to-tummy, on the hip, or on your back when they’re older. I really should get commission from these people or be their official spokesperson or something.




  9. I HIGHLY recommend the Kangaroo Korner sling. I tried a bunch of different slings when my daughter was little and they were all so confusing, or felt insecure, and I just sort of gave up. But then at about six months I found this one (www.kangarookorner.com), and it changed my world. I’ve given it to two friends as gifts and they both LOVE it as well. The fleece is great for winter. At 17 months, my daughter still asks to go in it.


  10. Sambot: Awesome. I might just do an LOL cat.

    Nicole, they all make me insecure. Even the Bjorn. I like my arms! My arms don’t make me insecure. But I can’t hold him and walk around and do stuff. :] I’ll shop around and try ‘em on. They have a few of them at a place on Bedford called “Area Kids”. Hope I can find something that won’t make me panic.


  11. LMAO [and I’m not really a “cat” person….but GREAT PIC]
    Of course…..for some reason I now can’t get the oddly illogical misnomer of “cat potato” outta my head……EEEEK!


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