Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 15)

I was given a baby blanket as a gift. It’s the softest item I have ever laid my hands on. I was so excited to wrap Emory in it. I thought it might even become his blankie. I had one when I was a baby. I damn near ripped that thing to shreds I loved it so much. I called it “Icing” for some inexplicable reason and I constantly played with its soft edges. Here’s a picture of “Icing” 33 years later.

Up until Sunday, we had no idea that a lot of babies enjoy playing with tags, edges, and corners. So when Chandler’s mom gave us a blanket and added two white tags to the edges of it, we were confused.

“What the hell are those for?” Toby asked.

“I dunno. Maybe for hanging it up?”

“Maybe it’s for swaddling?”

“Not sure.”

We asked around and found out that the tags were added so Emory could play with them. Now that’s thinking like a baby! That’s something special right there.

It’s a good thing Chandler’s mother made us another blanket for Emory. Because Murray has claimed the other one as his own. I refer to it as his Mama. Because prior having met this particular blanket, Murray hadn’t ever made biscuits before. He nurses in his sleep, but he doesn’t make biscuits. That is until he met this blanket, his Mama.

Here is a video of Murray making biscuits on the blanket. This is the first thing Emory Francis has done to honor his namesake. He gave his blanket to a fuzzy man named Murray.

Speaking of Emory, here’s a photo of him. He’s so damned cute. I love him to pieces. And he’s long! He is 23 inches long and weighs 10 pounds 6 ounces. He’s gonna be a tall one, we think.


  1. Oh, man, is that the sweetest thing or what? I’m a little teary!

    I love Tucker’s cameo, too. Smooches to all of your boys (and Pookum, too). And of course to you.


  2. That Emory is one handsome man! I made you one onesie, then started to make the “Vag free and proud to be!” one, but do you know how hard it is to embroider on stretchy onesies? It is not working. So I have one that says “Leo” with the sign on either side. If you want it, let me know, but you think people will call him Leo when they see it, I understand.


  3. I’m ok with that, darlin’! It’s up to you, tho. Totally up to you. I have so much trouble pulling my head from my ass lately, I can’t imagine having to make time to go to the post office or anything for that matter! So, it’s up to you.

    Oh, the Tucker cameo? Hilarious.


  4. Love the icing, love the photo. What great big eyes you have, Emory! You might like the line of products called “Taggies.” They make toys, small blankies, books and all kinds of things that have tags all over them! On the blanket the tags surround the whole perimeter. You can get them at BBB or any of the big baby stores, I’m sure..


  5. my cat makes biscuits on my stomach every night while i’m reading. he makes me feel fat.

    i finally tossed my own blankie when i was pregnant with my son. it looked worse than yours but it was loved :) my husband was very shocked to see it going in the trash, i took a photo of it before we parted.


  6. Autumn, I want to see it! Can you post it somewhere?

    Also, TJ always complains about that whenever Tucker makes biscuits on his belly. “YOU CALLIN’ ME FAT?!” it’s funny.


  7. yeah, let me search for it. it’s somewhere … in a box … in a room … unlabled … ha ha. be patient :)


  8. Mihow, forgive my ignorance, but who is Emory’s namesake? I’m intrigued by this blanket-giving namesake.


  9. oops! sorry. His middle name is Francis. He was named after Saint Francis of Assisi the patron saint of animals. :] We love animals. We’re hoping that he does as well.

    (You can read a bit more about St Francis here. He was also saint of the environment, I have learned.)

    Did that even make sense? What I wrote? I have second guessed myself numerous times over the last several hours.


  10. wait, that’s called making biscuits? i never knew.


  11. You might check out http://www.taggies.com/

    Pippy (at age 7) still has her blankie. It has fringe and it’s grey (should be white) and it stinks of dried saliva and all sorts of other fluids. She won’t let us wash it. We once left it in Charlotte, NC and got well into South Carolina on a road trip before we discovered it was missing and had to turn around.

    We have an identical, backup blankie, but it doesn’t have enough stink to adequately replace the dirty one. I have asked that she carry both for the next week so that it will ripen to the point that I can wash the filthy blanket.


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