Tuesdays With Murray. (Chapter 4)

Murray is getting bigger by the minute. I’ve never seen something so small get so big in such a short amount of time. (She writes this 6 weeks before the baby is born.) And the older he gets, the more helpful he tries to be as well. For example, he has a fascination with water. Whenever I clean out the kitchen sink, he hops up on our washer to watch. (Video: 676 KB) Sometimes he tries to kill the water and that makes me crack up.

And the shower blows his little mind. After I’m finished showering, he immediately climbs into the bathtub and stares at the drain. (Video: 292 KB) And then I spend time trying to figure out what he’s thinking. One day, I left the door to the bathroom open while I was showering and he came in and began yelling at me. MEOW! MEOW! And so I peeked out from behind the curtain and asked him, “What do you want, Murray?” And he wobbled his head as if shaking it free from the most perplexing thought, and then ran out of the room. Two minutes later, he was back and we had the same interaction. This went on over and over again until I was finished showering. Murray likes water but he doesn’t understand why I need to be that close to it. I think he worries about me and the water.

One day, Tobyjoe came into the bedroom and said, “You know, even sweeping is fun when there’s a kitten around.” And I knew exactly what he meant. For some reason, Murray must be directly on top of anything that moves across the floor. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wet mop, a Swiffer, or a broom. Murray is on it (Video: 340 KB). It doesn’t matter if he’s deep into one of his power naps – the kind of nap that knocks him completely useless – if the Swiffer makes an appearance he reports for duty. And I’m not sure what’s funnier, watching Murray chase a Swiffer around, or watching Tobyjoe act like Murray chasing a Swiffer around.


  1. Murray acts a lot like my cat. She screams her little head off when I’m in the shower! Funny.


  2. He’s getting tall and quite leggy. I’m surprised, thought he might stay little and more compact. Can’t wait for the videos of Murray and baby’s first bath!


  3. I totally love this stage of kittenhood.


  4. Oh, Murray! If I lived closer to you guys I’d volunteer to cat-sit. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tornado Kitty, but your cats sound like a lot of fun.


  5. our cats similar. my butt’s barely off the toilet before his paws are up there watching the water swirl down :)


  6. Robert Hodgin June 19, 2007 at 4:08 pm

    You rule. Just felt like saying that. Miss you.


  7. so funny! Henry actually gets mad at me I think if he is excluded from my daily shower routine. he must either stare at me and meow plaintively while i shower or he just chills on the bathmat awaiting my arrival whereupon he insists on rubbing up against my wet legs. MC is kind of the clean up crew and comes in afterward to inspect the bathtub faucet and attempt to catch any falling drops of water with her paw. i think she could wait for one solitary drop for hours. it’s amazing. hate the little kitty paw prints on the white tub afterward though.


  8. I’m so bummed – for some reason I can’t watch these videos, or the ones of the baby moving!


  9. randolph seems to like the shower too. he likes licking the water after we’re done. sometimes, he’ll meow while sitting on the toilet cover.


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