No More Mihow. It's Mibou.

As of Friday, June 15, 2007 at approximately 3:00 PM EST, I officially became Mrs. Boudreaux.

Congratulate me, people. I braved the streets of New York City, the obscenely long lines at the DMV, the extremely irritable government employees, and black Superman all while 8 months pregnant. If I could drink a beer right now, I’d have three.


  1. Wow. What a milestone, Mrs. Toby Boudreaux. I will toast you two this evening with a fine alcoholic beverage.


  2. Have a few beverages please. Please.

    Man, after the day I had I wish I could have several as well. Seriously, I don’t think people should have to visit the DMV while pregnant. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, but bad enough I don’t want to ever have to do that again.


  3. You are brave darlin’. It takes me all day to get up the courage to trek to the grocery store.

    It’s hot here and I’m poofy.

    Congrats Mrs. Boudreaux! Hey, is Toby Cajun? There are a plethora of Boudreaux’s in this vicinity.


  4. i like the name. do americans have trouble pronouncing it though? will you get a new domain now? well, congratulations! :)


  5. at SFO, on my way back from the wrong coast, and I can’t wait to see you, Mrs. WhateverYourNameIs!


  6. and you don’t even have to change your banner at the top! the b is obscured by the grass!


  7. YAY!!!!!

    You are very brave. Nobody should have to deal with the DMV ever, actually. Pregnant or not. :-)


  8. Did you agonize at all about your decision? I believed I’d never change my name until about a month before my wedding. Then I tortured myself over it. I kept thinking how sweet & romantic it would be if we became ‘one’ in name. In the end my feminism & laziness won out & I did nothing. I figured I’d think about it again if I had kids. I still haven’t changed it, but answer to anything at this point since my in-laws fail to recognize that I never changed my name. I’m sure it will get even more interesting when my kids are in school. Just wondering if it was a big deal for you.


  9. pghgirl, not really. But that’s only because I kept my maiden name as my middle name and got rid of my middle name. :] So I’m still technically Michele Howley. :] This way, I still feel like a Howley and so many folks call me by my last name (including my husband) it didn’t feel right getting rid of it entirely. heh

    Plus, now I have not one but TWO words that mean dumb white people in my name!


  10. yay mibou! however, is far less cool than


  11. i just checked too, before seeing ashley’s post.

    having seen it, i think should stick.

    Ndugu Boudreaux-Howley has a nice ring to it

    Though Ndugu Howley-Boudreaux might be even better.

    My vote is for Howley-Boudreaux. It sounds kind of regal. I honestly like it combined like that, more than either one alone.


  12. A late congratulations.

    Have you changed your SS information too? That’s important, or so I hear.

    I am sticking with my maiden name – I like have the last name people aren’t sure is Chinese or Korean.


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