1. where do i start…i live, literaly next to 11 apartment units that are “section 8” (in PA, this means subsidised housing). i have seen this kind of crap happen on a weekly basis for 5 years! i’ve seen 5 year olds babysitting toddlers while their parents were at work or out dealing drugs. i’ve seen a baby riding a bike!!!! with a 7 year old without training wheels. a different baby was being carried down the middle of the street by what looked like a 4 year old who could barely hold that baby off the ground. i have never seen this much disrespect and total neglect for the welfare of children….it’s so bad that i feel i’m to blame for allowing it to happen, but what do you do? if these kids’ parents would only look out the window on those rare times that they are home, they might be able to pass on some nuggets of wisdom to these kids. unfortunately, i don’t know if these people were raised by parents who actually had the nuggets to begin with. most of the parents of these children were children when they had their babies. i know a 32 year old grandmother!!!!!!!!!! what the F*&K is this crap! if i were to call Child and Youth Services everytime i noticed something that i feel to be neglectful, i’d be on the phone everyday! it’s disgusting how absolutely fowl and repulsive these people are to my sensibilities and feelings of common decency.

    and now, my feelings of “pro-life with-in reason” are being shaken at it’s core! i’m starting to think that that lady who started planned parenthood and her belief in forced abortions, population control and sterilization was actually a good idea….i’m starting to feel like it would be better to put up the baby for adoption and abort the parents!


  2. sorry, i just feel sop bad for these kids! i look at it like i look at dogs, there are no bad dogs, only bad owners!

    oh and happy new year everybody!!!! ; )


  3. i’m starting to feel like it would be better to put up the baby for adoption and abort the parents

    hahhahahhahahah hahaha

    That’s the thing, Greg, I have said it a hundred times, if and when people actually start to care about the living babies and childred, taking care of the living babies and children, then I’ll start taking the the anti-abortion stance seriously. Until then, we’re no doing so well with the ones we do have.


  4. Have you read “Freakonomics”? In it, the author explains this theory of how legalizing abortion has helped lower the crime rate because people who don’t want babies don’t want them for very good reasons (and when people have unwanted babies, they are often neglected, neglect can lead to delinquency, etc). It’s too bad the mother in this case didn’t have the common sense or decency to know when not to have a baby.


  5. So many people have suggested I read that book. I’m actually finished with the two books I did have, so perhaps I’ll finally pick it up.


  6. this is heartbreaking. those kids are doomed.


  7. If I ever make it to Penn Station, I’ll grab a copy for you, Mihow.


  8. WHEN you make it to Penn Station, you bring your cute little ass straight home so i can smooch it.


  9. nervous and small January 1, 2007 at 4:17 pm

    Hmm…well if that kid can make it that far in justa car seat…..imagine what he could do inna “real car”….I’m tawlking future NASCAR hero here!!!..SHO NUFF!!!


  10. Sorry, that was a picture taken from Raising Arizona. :] HE was on foot, just walking around, barefoot and hanging out on a huge Interstate.

    I should probably avoid using pictures from awesome films.


  11. i bet that mother feeds her kids expired milk.


  12. wow its amazing that the photographer had the time to make sure the kid was perfectly lined up in symmetry within the yellow lines for this award winning shot. instead of rushhing him straight to a doctor to make sure he is OK.


  13. Wait, you guys know that’s from Raising Arizona, right? You know that, right? The image is a photo from the movie Raising Arizona. I swear.

    Man, I need to stop doing this.


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