2006 In Review.

I just spent about an hour skimming through an entire year’s worth of writing on mihow.com. And I have to be honest; I talk a lot and say very little. For those of you who stuck around, I’m proud of you. I feel like I owe you some presents. This exercise has taught me a little something about this site and myself. I need to stop with the filler, be a more honest, and I need to stop worrying about what other people think because sometimes I hold back on what I really want to say. I will try and make 2007 more valuable (in blog currency, of course), creating a valublog, if you will.

Seriously, I’ll be the first to admit that most of the posts on here are filler crap. Not that I know what non filler crap might be. But I did find a few from 2006 that seemed different. (The funny thing is, most of the ones that came to mind when this idea occurred to me earlier today turned out to be posts that dated back two, sometimes three years. Oh, how time does fly. And, oh, how little I have actually done in 2006, but I have BIG plans for 2007, just you wait. Heads are gonna spin.)

There are 10 posts below that I feel say a little something about this site, the year behind it, etc. It’s a year-end roundup if you will, a retrospective. Most of the choices came easy because there wasn’t much left once I sifted through all the dirt. But I did have trouble figuring out what to choose for “Most Stupid” because, quite honestly, there were several of those.

Lastly, I want to say thank you to everyone for visiting. If it weren’t for your comments and emails I wouldn’t continue to do this. I can’t thank you enough. And I really, truly mean that. Thank you, sweet people.

Most New York

Most Melancholy

Most Absurd

Most Informative (because of the participants).

Most Stupid

Most About Us

Most Sarcastic

Most Historical

Most Irresponsible (Most Embarrassing might work as well.)

My Personal Favorite

Thanks again, everyone. Happy New Year.

Edited to add: There is something very wrong with our server. If you’re reading this at all, it’ll be a miracle. We’re working on it.


  1. Finding your blog via Flickr and reading what you have to say here, the deep stuff as well as the fun stuff, has been a real pleasure. Mike and I are still just tickled that you were kind enough to check in on our Dub at the kitty hospital. Lets be sure to make that date we keep talking about and get together in person soon.

    Here’s hoping your 2007 brings you and your loved ones all you wish for.


  2. Your most wonderful blog is one of the few I continue to read. I check it almost everyday, even on weekends in hopes of the rare weekender post. Keep it up Michele. Filler crap is the stuff life is truly made up of. Big events and epiphanies would never be as special if they happened everyday. My thanks goes to you! Bring on mihow.com 2007!




  4. Man, that guy was drunk. That was two years ago today! That was the night I became The Transportation Czar!




  6. Have you been drinking, Tobyjoe? I hope that you have. I hope that everyone is drinking, well, everyone that can and wants to. I also hope that everyone is out and having FUN FUN FUN!

    I’m watching CSI. A rerun. I’m hoping to make it to midnight. I do have a bag of doritos and a big bottle of rootbeer so it’s looking good, 2007. WOOT!


  7. No, I just remember HOW that dude said ‘nappy shoe hair’

    I’m working on a certain project for a certain company while everyone else at my sister’s house is outside living it up.


  8. I know. Just kidding. I got what you meant.

    Soon the drunks will be wrecking it up on the BQE. Can’t wait till the cops pull out the yearly checkpoint on Meeker. :]

    I should film that.


  9. I’m home but drinking tonight(so forgive the grammer and/or spelling.) I check in to your blog every day. What you write inspires interesting comments. I love the community that has evolved on your sight. You may think that what you write is filler sometimes, but I find it all interesting. Wanted to say thanks to you for keeping it going daily which is an inspiration. I also want to thank everyone who comments regularly which contributes to my entertainment & education. Feeling silly b/c I usually just lurk. Wishing everyone a happy 2007!


  10. Awwww, thanks, sweetie pie. :]

    And a merry happy new year to you, too.


  11. I think the expired milk post deserves a mention in your year-end roundup.

    I hope you, Tobyjoe, and all the mihowists out there and their loved ones have a happy and prosperous New Year!


  12. You know, The Milk Incident really should have been “Most Absurd”. But it took place back in 2005. It did, however, make it well into 2006 if only because the commenters just can’t seem to let it go. It’s the post that wouldn’t die.


  13. Thanks for the new years wishes! Here’s to health and happiness in ‘07!


  14. Well, ya know….even the most precious banalities can become masterpieces after a year of fermenting in blogland, and predicting “value” is well, semi-impossible. IMO attempting a “valublog” is an internal form of self-censorship that well, will certainly cause US to MISS ALL THE wonderfully accidentally hilarious yet uber-insightful STUFF!!! I love yer blog just the way it is mihow [and it’s the only one I read]……in the words of ahem…myself, “Iffit ain’t fixed, don’t break it”….

    Besides, how would you have gotten your car fixed if you hadn’t said the simple words “My mechanic is too BUSY to find the simple parts to fix my fucking car!!!” WTF IZZUP w’that??? [but in retrospect, I understood is point completely…]

    Happy New Year!



  15. Ohhh!!! Now we’re even “mihowists”!! [just read the above post].

    LMAO, well as part of the mihowanista, I wouldn’t step foot in NYC, without umm…reading your blog to find where to do well, A N Y T H I N G [still feeding the restorers, so I’m not planning any NYC adventures, but anyway]….

    I think this week I will begin every TRENCHANT opinion with “Well, as a mihowanista……”

    Y’know, as a realtime anthropolgy experiment…..



  16. LOL. the text freaked again…..why me? …..Errr…..as an mihowanista, WHY ME??

    PS. Somebody’s gotta go to the office and get your xmas card, b4 they toss it…


  17. Fixed your text problem it happens to others, too. Not to worry and I’m not sure why it happens either. Strange.


  18. drinking expired milk is teh gross! its not absurd! u should never never never drink it!


  19. You’re joking, right? I must know you. Surely you’re joking.


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