Oh, The Vanity.

(I’m late on this one but who cares.)

A little over a month ago, a buzz hit the Internet. People began talking about the new issue of JPG Magazine. Tobyjoe and I read reports about how amazing it looked but we had yet to seen one in person. On December 4th, I received an email from Rachel James thanking me because she had seen herself on a spread in JPG Magazine. Still, nothing came for us.

We were growing more and more concerned by the day. What if our subscription had gotten lost in the mail?

About two weeks ago, it came.

And looks who’s right up front for the entire world to see.

What a cutie. You can even see his infamous white spot.

There’s this one, too.

But my interview isn’t nearly as cool and well written as Tobyjoe’s article. (I had to prove to the world that I am actually a graphic designer by having a typo on mine. This little typo actually kept me up the night we discovered it. I should stick to blog writing, the less tangible written word. Oh, and my name is spelled with two L’s but I got over that about 20 years ago. Michele is the less “normal” spelling for the name Michelle. I know this.)

And, I know this post is a little selfish but that’s what blogging is all about, right? Forgive me. Now, and I promise this is the last time that I do this, go buy a copy so you can own us.


  1. Brandon’s photo will NEVER, EVER, EVER stop being awesome.


  2. Agreed. I laugh every time I see it. It literally brings me joy.


  3. You two are freaking adorable. Is this available in stores?


  4. It is, Jen. They said it’s at Borders now and some B&Ns.


  5. Hey Michele,
    I meant to send a quick e-mail to you when we saw you guys in the JPG Magazine. Mike bought me a subscription for X-mas. It was great to see you guys and be able to say: “Hey! That’s TobyJoe and Michele! We know them!”
    Very cool guys!


  6. As soon as I opened my copy, I pointed you and Tobyjoe out to J. Neat articles.

    I love my JPG and I’m so glad I subscribed… especially with the super duper special $10 discount!


  7. I was fortunate to have finally picked up and bought this issue of JPG. I’ve seen it before but just a quick browse. Something made me grab a copy and head to the counter. I’m glad I did! And I’m glad I found you guys too!

    All hail Michele and Tobyjoe!!!


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