United 93

Today marks my first day working from home since my last day at work three weeks ago. It’s been pretty awesome. I won’t lie.

I got up at 7:30 AM, showered, and then got dressed (and, yes, I need to mention that I got dressed because I nearly stayed in my jammies). I sat down and immediately began working. I’m currently creating a 200+ page book for someone in InDesign. Let me just say, I thought I knew InDesign walking into this but that so wasn’t the case. NOW I know InDesign. After the 25th chart, I can attest to the knowing of InDesign. In fact, I could teach InDesign at this point. (In my jammies.)

At around 3 PM, I decided that I needed to eat at Fornino. So I got up off my ass and drove over to Bedford and North 7th and ordered a calzone. It was delightful. (Thank goodness I got dressed!)

It’s 4:15 and I’m trying to decide if I want to continue working, nap, or watch a movie from OnDemand. And while a nap sounds awesome, a movie sounds good too.

What movie? I’ll tell you what movie.

Here was an email I sent to Missy earlier:

“Hey, did you see United 93? If I watch it alone at home will it kick my ass? I have wanted to see it but TJ won’t watch it. So I’m debating…

Her Response:

“I watched it one night and I was practically on the floor, heaving & sobbing.

That said, it’s a really terrific film.


Toby’s going to kick what’s left of my ass when he gets a hold of me. He’s going to pick me up off the floor when he gets home, comfort me, and then kick my ass again for watching this movie. I’m so dead. I’m so dead.

Edited to add: I haven’t been able to sit through much regarding September 11, 2001. I look the other way when they show clips and I don’t much like looking at pictures from that day either. Every time that I do, I experience and unbearable amount of sorrow and I guess I never felt that it was necessary to put myself through that day all over again. But I want to say something about this particular film. United 93 was unbelievably moving and while it made me cry it also filled me with a huge amount of respect and love for those who fought back that day. I’m feeling emotional right now but a little hopeful as well.


  1. I know so much of what happened in the air was speculation, but there was a moment, deep down, where I thought, “These people might just make it out of this.” I do not want to believe that the filmmaker played that up for effect.


  2. Missy, I thought the same thing. I really started to think they were going to change what I knew was actual history. It was remarkable. What they did was remarkable.

    And for no name actors (for the most part) I gotta say, great job. Great job all around.


  3. intense movie and i too felt like they might make it and i also thought i might make it through without crying…..and then IT happened and i lost it. and i am saying this only because it is 8:24AM and i’ve been working at home in my pajamas since 5:30 AM….unfortunately i have to get dressed and go to work. rest assured, i’ll still be wearing my slippers!


  4. Glad to hear you’re being productive while working from home. Too bad I can’t say the same. Then again, if I actually had enough to do… I’d be more productive. Necessity breeds productivity.

    As for United 93, I don’t think I’ll ever see it. No real desire to relive that day.


  5. if you find yourself near n7th and bedford anytime soon, let me know

    i have a little present for you, and i’d like to get rid of it sooner-than-later.


  6. That hopeful feeling we get that the outcome might be different when we watch dramatizations of tragic events like this reminds me of a passage in Faulkner’s Intruder in the Dust in which he describes every 14 year old Southern boy imagining a different outcome to Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg—another bloody tragedy that unfolded on a field in Pennsylvania.


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