If we ever have a son, is it wrong to name him after a serial killer? He only kills other serial killers, after all. That’s a good thing, right?


  1. has that show premiered yet?

    i saw a preview about 6 months ago. it made me want to get cable.


  2. it’s freaking incredible, in my not so humble opinion. There are only two episodes left of the first season. SO good.


  3. well, last night i told toby that i think you’d like “the baxter”, and he said “oh, michele saw that and thought it was great!”

    so i’m very much inclined to trust your opinion on this today.


  4. Yeah, I really enjoyed the Baxter. Actually, someone on here told me to see it. I want to say it was Debra, but I can’t remember off hand. But, yes, I enjoyed it quite a lot.


  5. Can you believe that in Canada we’re not even allowed to look at the Showtime website? When I clicked on your link, I remembered this sad fact. This is the message I got:

    “We at Showtime Online express our apologies; however, these pages are intended for access only from within the United States.”


    As a consequence, I need further explanation.



  6. You can’t see Dexter? What a weird thing. Wonder why they do that. I wonder if TJ would know. I haven’t ever heard of that sort of thing before.

    Dexter is a TV show with the guy from Six Feet Under. They gay brother (I am forgetting his name right now). He plays a sociopath who was taught (by his father who adopted him) that instead of randomly killing innocent people he should use his “problem” to help people by killing those who “deserve” it.

    He preys on those who molest and kill children, other murderers, basically anyone who has done harm to others.

    He has a sister who swears a lot. She’s a cop (so was his father, who was her bio dad). Dexter is a blood splatter expert.

    It’s a drama but it’s also darkly comical at times. I really love it and I’m not usually one for violence. Not sure why this doesn’t bother me.

    If you get a chance to see it, do so. It’s fantastic. But I would suggest doing so from the beginning.


  7. just to clarify what michele is saying:

    dexter is a ‘csi’ by day, and sociopath by night


  8. oh schweeeet! i’m so glad to hear this series is good. i’m hoping the first season comes out on DVD on netflix shortly after it’s done!


  9. I also loved this show. Super entertaining, really great camera work and direction and acting. It’s such a visually rich show.

    (Also I found it thought provoking, as I grew up faking lots of emotions because I didn’t know how to have them, like Dexter – but I’m no serial killer.)

    If there were more shows like Dexter, I would probably watch a lot more tv!


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