Thou Shall Not Drink and Visit Flickr.

For a while now I’ve been clicking on my Flickr contacts page wondering why I never seem to see any new pictures. It’s been alarmingly slow. Sometimes, I wouldn’t see something new for days.

Yesterday while we were sipping our drinks over brunch, Tobyjoe brought up Ha Ly’s most hilarious Halloween costume and I was like, “Huh? What costume? I never saw her halloween costume.”

It turns out, at some point I accidentally hit “Only show photos from your family and friends” and since I never really pay attention to that checkbox when I add someone new, I barely have any friends (or family) hence the lack of photos. (I know this was an accident because quite honestly, I didn’t even know it was possible. Plus, Ha Ly is an actual friend. She lives not blocks away.)

The problem has been fixed and now I feel like I’ve missed everything. I literally haven’t seen some people’s pictures since before Halloween.


  1. then you probably missed my awesome picture of sand!


  2. I did miss your sand! I have so much catching up to do. Thanks, Chris.

    (I just accidentally typed out “Christ” btw.)


  3. did i do dolly justice??? :D


  4. You were freaking incredible. I wish I had seen it in person. I may have peed my pants.


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