Health Month, By Keith

Keith has been talking about Health Month since I met him. Health Month begins on January 5, 2007. You can read all about it here on Keith’s blog (incidentally, this is his first post ever and I won’t be surprised if it’s his last). I’m thinking about taking part in this as well even though it coincides with my birthday and every year on my birthday I try and eat an ice cream cake (with those chocolate crunchies and fudge) directly following the consumption of a massive pasta dinner (preferably one that includes lasagna or stuffed shells). Perhaps that will be my “Amnesty Day”.

The biggest question I have is if someone can actually give up smoking for an entire month (the first week is hard enough) why go back after the month is up? Oh, wait, this question comes from a girl who started again after a year the first time she quit.

Health Month anyone?


  1. Please tell me that you get a ‘Fudgy the Whale’ for your birthday every year?

    If you do, that would make your ice cream cake description even better.


  2. hahaha

    this year, I’m going to make sure I do get Fudgy the Whale. And then I’ll become said name.


  3. God, I love fudgy.

    You know there’s a carvel on mcguinnes (or is it greenpoint) down towards the pulaski bridge in the supermarket shopping center, right?

    Anyways, I just read health month.

    It sounds really bad and hypocritical.

    a) its all anti-carb, which is really just silly. thats not being healthy, thats subscribing to a fad. there’s absolutely nothing wrong with carbs.

    b) its anti-bread, but allows for pitas and tortillas. if you look at the nutritional values, pitas and tortillas tend to have more carbs and calories than several slices of bread. its kind of like the dirty secret of the bread world.

    c) it allows light salad dressing. it should ban all processed foods. ‘light’ means nothing. a tbsp each of olive oil and lemon juice will make enough dressing that is really healthy for 4 servings of a tossed salad.

    If you want to go healthy for a month, do a month of the McDougal diet (which is vegan, and i believe recommended by the american diabetes and heart diseases councils) , or get the Moosewood low fat cookbook ( which allows fish, and possibly poultry ).

    have all the carbs you want too – just don’t do bleached/processed flours. eat whole grain pitas/tortillas/breads/pastas. beleive it or not, they taste better.


  4. I’m telling keith you said that! :]

    McDougal is the “No Shit” diet, that’s what Tobyjoe calls it at least. I tried that once before in DC. It’s wonderful but man is it ever hard to do. I think I lasted for about two weeks. If that.

    South Beach worked for me but I fell off the wagon twice already.

    I guess, when it comes down to it, excercise is best. :]


  5. You have to do McDougal for 10 days, then you’re into it.

    I did it for 2 months this summer, followed by 2 more of a low fat mediterranean vegan diet.

    god, i missed cheese.


  6. Umm.. Numbers 1-4 have nothing to do with diet/food. The healthiest part of this is the elimination of smoking, drinking, caffene, drugs etc.

    What’s so ‘really bad’ about that?

    as far as the breads go, it should say whole grain pita/tortilla. And it’s about breaking the vice of eating tons of bread and pasta every day and not nearly enough fruits/veggies.

    And, i do make my own salad dressing. I didn’t mean to imply going to the supermarket and buying a bottle of some ‘light’ dressing bottled by a steakhouse.


  7. Life without cheese is a bad, bad, horribly ugly thing. For me. I know some folks don’t diga the cheese. Me? I can’t imagine life without it.


  8. Sorry, but no. I’ll be even more horrible to be with than normal.

    I will NEVER give up the things that I enjoy eating. Cut back? Sure. Remove completely? No way.


  9. PS – Items 1 through 4 are no biggie.. and I get minimum 6 servings of fruit and veggies per day. It’s not like I’m a pasta/cheese eating fool.


  10. I am a cheese eating fool. that’s for damn sure.

    I’m also thinking now is not the time for me to go on any kind of diet. Although, giving up booze and caffeine is something I’ll absolutely get behind right now.


  11. I do a cleanse every year too ( except i do it starting in the last week in march—clean out all the bad stuff you do to your body after a northeast winter indoors )

    There’s nothing bad about eliminating the caffeine/alcohol/etc.

    what i had issue with was the anti-bread and the hipocrasy of “yes tortilla/pita, no other stuff”. tortillas are great, but they’re on par with regular bread (and their whole wheat equivalents are as well).

    deliberatly saying that there should be a focus on fruits & veggies should be there too. maybe you can just write your response to me on that vox page to clarify it for other people.

    when i saw the light salad dressing, to mind i think of those awful store bought things—loaded with everything bad for you.

    glad to know this was all confusion.


  12. i’ve been meaning to try a cleansing. i have friends that do it on occasion but i always lame out. actually, my hubby was on a the lemonade-syrup cleansing juice when we met. i invited him over for beers and burgers on the grill, not realizing he was on the cleansing juice. note: red meat and alcohol is NOT the way to come off the diet.


  13. ha! gina.

    Hey, you still overseas? I tried to send you an email and it bounced.


  14. OK….you’re not supPOSED to give up “everything at once”, but even if you methodically give up one thing a day, you’re still suddenly over a “half a month” into the process, with less that two weeks to go…..since one starts with sixteen categories [some of them numerously endowed]……soundz like a highly spurious “cleansing process” at best…….


  15. What? No leetle green handbags for a month? Eeeek!


  16. honey! What does that mean?


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