A Confession and an Apology.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. And this Friday will mark week three I’ve been out of work, yet working (full time, for the most part) and a lot has taken place in that time. Forgive me, Internet, if I’m unable to speak about my personal life just yet. In good time, I freaking promise that I will. But for now, I’m going to probably come off as distant, scatterbrained, totally annoying, and most likely my blogging will suffer from the wretched half-assed disease. (Not that it’s ever not suffered from the half-assed disease.)

In actual news… I submitted two photos to JPG Magazine recently. This one is for Embrace the Blur and this one is for Intimate. If you like them, feel free to vote. If you don’t you should sign up because it’s a great site.

Edited to add: This video of Stewie is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time.


  1. MINI+MISPLACED RANT: Hey You out there! Just because you took a tightly framed portrait of your favorite grown person(s) or baby(ies) or pet(s) does not automagically make it “intimate”. Neither do boobies.

    Thank you, that is all…

    clicks Nah, Next Time clicks Nah, Next Time clicks Nah, Next Time clicks Nah, Next Time clicks Nah, Next Time


  2. Chris! I couldn’t agree more!

    Naked does not intimate make! I was just thinking that earlier. Glad I’m not alone.

    Rant away, sweetpea.


  3. i third that rant. i so dont want to see your readers wives shots.
    please, go away.


  4. now don’t get me all wrong… boobies can help…


    Oh, and since I’m here, my blurry entry
    (didn’t dig up a sufficiently intimate shot to submit)


  5. speaking of jpg magazine…

    i have a present for you michele. next time we run into each other, see if you can remind me about it (i’ll likely forget)


  6. “Forgive me, Internet, if I’m unable to speak about my personal life just yet.”

    Did you get a book deal?


  7. Funny… I posted a picture of my sister (fairly intimate in my opinion) in the Intimate category. Hope no one thinks I’m a sicko! ;)

    I voted for your pics. I can’t remember how I stumbled across them, but as soon as I saw your name at the bottom I said to my self, “Hey, I know her!”.

    We all have our blogging moments. No worries for having yours! ;)


  8. hemlock, I want to see! Give me a link.

    Book deals are for poseurs. just kidding.


  9. I have no idea why I wrote that. Book deals are awesome.


  10. I just discovered your blog and I really like it. Your post project is so cool.


  11. Thank you, Jody. I just put up today’s post pic. thanks again.


  12. I think my world is one big blur [w/o a book deal].
    Except here….:D


  13. ‘distant… scatterbrained…. annoying.’

    No one’s guessing pregnant?


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