Sylar. The Anti-Hero.

Last night’s Heroes was fantastic. I personally felt it was one of the most interesting so far. I’ve been patient thus far with the amount the hour-long tries to bite off and chew with each and every episode. They have a lot to get to. I understand that. But I’d be lying if I said that at times the bouncing around between stories and characters didn’t bug me a little bit in very much the same way rushing through a museum annoys me. But last night’s episode was different. I’m not sure if it’s because the actual story lines were richer in plot or if they were actually longer per segment, either way, at no point during the hour did I feel rushed.

The making of Sylar is fascinating to say the least. And I love that they’re sticking to the good old-fashioned recipe for making an anti-hero. Sylar can absorb powers. There’s one small catch, however, he must kill them first by opening their heads. And you’re made to feel a little sorry for him as if he’s suffering from a mental illness.

“You’re broken. I can fix you.”

Did Sylar know six months ago at the time he opened the first head that he’d be absorbing his powers? Or, much like Isaac’s heroin addiction, did he become an addict?

Was the cheerleader so important specifically because of her powers and if Sylar were to gain them he’d become immortal? Why was she the one who needed to be saved? And if her father removed her from the list six months ago how did Sylar find out about her?

I no longer find Eden annoying, quite the contrary. I’m finding her more and more interesting as the show goes on. And I’m not quite sure if she’s evil or not or if she once was and found her way with a little help from the Claire’s father. And if that’s the case, might he do the same for the lost and very angry Nikki?

Why did the politician fly from his car right before it wrecked? What compelled him to do such a thing? Did he control that? Did something (someone) else?

I have so many questions. I’ve only just begun to think of them let alone ask them. And I have no recollection of what I did on Monday nights before Heroes came along.


  1. i totally forgot to watch and i’m not reading any of your above post……poop!


  2. oh crap! Damn, that blows. yeah, best to avoid this one, kiddo. It gives away quite a bit. Sort of.


  3. I’m home sick today and just watched last Monday’s episode.

    !!! and also, !!!!!!!

    We are recording the Heroes marathon tonight and I’m going to watch from the beginning with my husband. I know he’s going to love this show too.


  4. It’s on tonight? OH dear lordy, I must clear the DVR. Time? Do you know? I could check but….


  5. Yep, SciFi is airing the first six episodes beginning at 6 tonight. :)


  6. i finally got a chance to watch. i KNEW his power was to absorb powers! i feel so vindicated. ithey are getting better for sure, i hope they can keep it up.


  7. Mihow thanks, i’ve missed the communication. You are right if Sylar gets the cheerleader’s powers it will be over for “the world”. As for Mondays, Were there Mondays before Heroes?


  8. Mihow we are having this Heros discussion in class today (master’s level education). Is Syler a real Hero? Or has he figured out how to take powers for the brain of others, because he knowns how to fix watches? It appears that most people don’t think he has powers naturaly, they think he just knows how to obtain them. Help us oh smart hero-know-it-all-one.


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