Blog For Me Dammit!

I tried to get Tobyjoe to write this for me today because I am a total moron when it comes to writing political commentary. He said (and I quote):

tobyjoe: i dont blog, baby
mihow: BLOG!!!!
mihow: BLOG DAMMIT!!!!!!
mihow: BLOG FOR ME!!!!
mihow: you got something against blogging?
tobyjoe: yes, i do
tobyjoe: i can’t do it
tobyjoe: therefore, it’s lame
tobyjoe: just like dancing and playing baseball

So, I’m on my own on this one.

To be honest (and I don’t know why this is) I figured we (the Dems) would get the Senate but not the House. Turns out, Dems got the House and the Senate still hangs. (Woo! Got the Senate!) I’m even more surprised that the final count comes down to Mr. Macaca (George Allen) from Virginia who is demanding a recount against his opponent, Jim Webb.

George Allen was the guy who said this:

“This fellow here, over here with the yellow shirt, macaca, or whatever his name is. He’s with my opponent. He’s following us around everywhere. And it’s just great. Lets give a welcome to Macaca, here. Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia.”

This was said to his Republican audience about a 20-year-old volunteer of Indian descent, the only non-white faced person in the audience. Macaca is a racial slur. Go George Allen!

George Allen is also the guy who hung a Confederate flag and a noose in his office.

Anyway, he trailed his Democratic challenger by fewer than 6,000 votes and has demanded a recount. We’ll see.

I was particularly pleased to see that the people of South Dakota voted against the outlaw of almost all abortions.

Say whatever you want today. Are you happy with the outcome? Disappointed? Are you inspired? Worried? Any good voting day stories?

In other news…

My last day at work is on Friday. But they’ve already given me a freelance gig, which is really great. No rest will be had, however, because we’re heading to Cleveland, Ohio this weekend for a wedding, renting a car. We’ll be stopping in State College along the way. I’m looking forward to the road trip.

My last outdoor soccer match was last night. We lost. We lost every game but one, actually. But I couldn’t have been placed with a nicer bunch of people. We got on really well and had the most excellent time playing together. So much so, we’re continuing an indoor league this winter. I did manage to score one goal this season, which totally rocked.

Oh, also, I created this last night while killing time. It was the first time I used an “Artistic” Photoshop filter in over 13 years. I feel proud.


  1. It’s no secret that I pretty much vote to make a statement rather than to get any particular candidate elected. That said, I support gridlock. So I am pleased with the outcome!

    Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi? Supposedly great for women now that we’ve got one as Speaker, but Slate more or less called her dumb. (I think the quote was, slightly paraphrased, “She is incapable of talking about any subject for longer than five minutes.)


  2. I like Nancy! My coworker was just discussing her as well. Am I totally in the dark on this one? Did I miss the “I’m supposed to hate Nancy” memo? I like her!

    Missy, surely you were happy by the fact that two indies won, no? That could be a good thing, no?


  3. go lieberman! i’m glad to see that when a guy with core beliefs stands up to the popularity machine and their ousting him is knocked down a bit when he is elected by the people anyway.


  4. I knew he’d win. The Dems were so pleased when Ned Lamont won the primary. But that pretty much meant they split to vote. There’d be a lot of Dems who would still vote for Lieberman and a whole bunch of Republicans who would. That said, did Lamont stand a chance in the end at all? I didn’t see that as a victory at all. I mean, unless you are an Independent.

    You know what I mean?


  5. You get a “Lieberwall”(my answer to the mihow question).

    On another note- why does Britney Spears divorce get as much if not more press than the elections?


  6. You just gave it more! Silly, gal!


  7. All I know is ABC News is fluxing between that and talking politics.. good stuff


  8. RE: Nancy. You’re asking the wrong person, actually. I haven’t followed her career but I have heard that she is a hardass who punishes colleagues for not voting the way she wants them to and who makes grandiose statements that amount to little more than Bush-bashing.


  9. Another candidate that is out is Santorum looking like he was crying over his loss. I wonder what he will do now.. go and hide under a rock I hope.


  10. Because a single Britney is the linchpin that can hold this country together. Remember the happier times when she was slutting it up with schoolgirl outfits and snakes around her shoulders?


  11. oh, Santorum. Poor feller lost the day the homosexual population came up with a new definition for his name.


  12. One would think that would be to his benefit. Kind of like Heineman winning Governor of Nebraska.. names like that are priceless.
    I also find that mispronouncing Kyl’s name (senator AZ) allows for a minor enjoyment despite his winning.


  13. Not sure if this is off topic- but all stations seem to have different graphics and statements for “Decision 2006” or whatever. Do they have to stay up all night to keep on top of the graphics especially for CNN and their big TV/Computer results behind Wolf and that other guy? I was thinking about that last night while the camera would put Wolf over the percentages. Granted since the numbers come in very slowly- it was what I was doing to amuse myself.


  14. Yeah, I think Dan Savage played a big role in getting Santorum ousted. :)

    And I was both ecstatic and depressed to see that AZ was the first state EVER to reject a gay-marriage ban. It passed in seven other states (bringing the total to 27) – because really, if the gays get married, it will destroy the sanctity of sacred unions like that of Britney and K-Fed. Oh wait…


  15. I’m very pleased with the outcome of yesterday’s elections. I just hope we see some real change as a result.

    Congrats on your approaching last day and all the good things you have ahead of you.


  16. I’m just happy that the tides seem to be changing down there… at least a bit. Sure they (media) say that it was mostly right leaning Dems that were voted in, but it’s something.

    As for your soccer game, rock on. Losing is OK as long as you have a good time doing it with great people. Right?

    Loved your “last supper’ contribution.


  17. They are saying Dems got Montana, which means if Webb takes Virginia, Dems might get both House and Senate.



  18. I am gloating over here. I’m so ecstatic that things finally are changing and that people seem to be waking up!
    And I love Pelosi…I am actually daring to hope we might yet impeach this son-of-a-bitch before 2008.

    Congrats to you on your last week at the job and the beginning of new and great things! :D


  19. I believe it is the end of the world as we know it!


  20. im with sarah. i cant wait to see pelosi string em up.
    or at least try.
    ‘subpoena power!’
    and congrats on the goal, dude.
    you rock.
    safe journeys.


  21. So glad to hear I’m not alone on Pelosi.

    Heather, we’re your way (for a party) on December 14th. Wanna hang? We can all rent 10-dollar porn in the hotel room! Woo! My treat!


  22. Pelosi will be even better for the Republicans than Bush for the Democrats.


  23. toby can’t dance?


  24. i sure hope they don’t go for the impeachment, it seems like a waste of time and effort. they just won the house and won political capital. they have the ability to do what they said, “work to get things done”, a new direction etc. if they wanna pull out of iraq, then do it. don’t like how we’re there, fix it. if they wanna raise taxes, then do it. if they wanna raise the minimum wage, then do it. what’s it gonna prove to take bush on and possibly fail or not get it done in time. they could look stupid and petty if it doesn’t work and then it’ll be election time again and there would be the possibility of them losing the presidency……if they do good things in 2 years they’ll almost seal the deal of gaining the presidency….if in that time there is political gridlock, it’ll be on the president’s shoulders and the republicans as obstructionists which will also help the democrats win the presidency. going for impeachment is their one direction that could come back and bite the democrats in the butt.


  25. I’m with ya greg (even tho it’d be nice to sell some of these damn T-shirts!). I hope they dont’ either. We don’t have that much longer. I’d love to see the Dems actually do some work instead of bothering with that kind of thing.


  26. hey, you’re going to Cleveland? keep driving west a few hours (3 maybe?) and visit us in Detroit. do it!


  27. WOO! I wish we could, sugar! We’re only going to be in Cleveland for about 22 hours (12 of those will be spent sleeping). :[


  28. I hope they go for impeachment if Bush does something impeachable. Why? Because thats what congress is supposed to do.

    But you can’t impeach him for just being a lying, stupid, greedy piece of shit. The Clinton mess was because of allegedly lying under oath. Bush lies nonstop, but he hasn’t done it under oath. And unless Karl Rove gets a heart attack within the next 2 years, I seriously doubt Bush will do anything impeachable. But if he does, they need to push for it.

    What really amazes me about this election , is that no one won. Across the board people said they weren’t voting for a party, but against the other. That’s just sad.

    The Dems won the political office, but i don’t think they won any realy clout. None of the exit polls showed an increase of people believing in the ideals, or the dems moving away from ideas (although they ran a lot of moderates )—it was all just about NOT being a member of the scandal ridden , inept and corrupt republican party.

    This election wasn’t about unity , hope or compromise—it was about polarizing people. The issues that polarized people most crossed party lines. That was it.


  29. Jonathan, it amazes me how absolutley sure you are about absolutely everything you couldn’t possibly know absolutely.

    I’m also amazed at how you never seem to feel happy about anything even when fairly good things happen (out there, in your own life, I have no idea if you’re happy. You must be otherwise, I’d imagine you’d be on quite a few antidepressants).


  30. Also, I don’t think anyone on here said that they didn’t think Bush should be impeached if he does something impeachable. However, given everything that has happened in the past, I hope they don’t waste time trying to figure out a way to impeach him (for the past 6 years). I hope they deal with some of the bigger issues and not the past. F*ck the past. We have a lot of change that needs to take place.


  31. nervous and small November 8, 2006 at 10:10 am

    It was great to see Keith Ellison win in my congressional district by a thirty-five percent margin. Want History?
    We just invented it.
    Never heard of Keith Ellison?
    You will.

    And it was also great to toss out a male Republican Bush Asswiper with a extermely smart sharp savvy Democrat named Amy Klobuchar in the U.S. Senate, also by one of the largest margins ever recorded locally.
    Go Amy!!


  32. I’m just quoting exit polls and the DNC. The DNC freely admits that people are pissed off at the republicans, and were voting against them and against bush.

    Peronally, I don’t like either party. I’m very left of center, so when I vote, I vote Dem. ( I didn’t vote on Tues on purpose – I think all the Dems from NY are corrupt beyond redemption on a Tom Delay level. I didn’t want to vote Red– though I thought the republicans running were far less corrupt than the dems, and i didn’t agree with the other parties, so I decided that I’d rather not vote than choose the lesser evil ).

    I would have LOVED to see people ‘wake up’ and decidedly vote democrat. But they didn’t.

    Now I’m ridiculously happy that the country will undoubtedly suck less for 2 years, and the world will stop hating us… but I don’t think its a victory in the least. The votes that went blue did so in retaliation—not in heart. So the Dems have a lot to prove, and even more to lose if they can’t follow through.

    ” I hope they don’t waste time trying to figure out a way to impeach him”



  33. Jonathan, if you really paid attention you would have seen that almost every item that was voted on in several different states represented what could only be called “conservative” agenda issues. And most of them passed. It wasn’t as you represent it. Yes, they were voting against Bush. And many of them were Republicans tired of him trying to be a Democrat for the last six years. His Gov’t spending easily tops Bill’s and it’s not just the war. Remember Bill had a couple of those as well. Bush’s spending on Medicare and other entitlements coupled with his courting the Hispanics with failing to address the border issues caused people like me to withhold support. And many of us never thought going into Iraq was a great idea in the first place. There is no good way out when three different factions hate each other, kill each other, and have done so for hundreds of years all in the name of their religion.


  34. ten dollar porn!
    what am i?
    chopped liver?


  35. I agree with him whole-heartedly about the baseball sentiment.


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