Save the Cheerleader. Save the World. Part 3

Spoilers below!

Last night’s Heroes held its own. Niki is seemingly more and more evil while her son is showing superpowers of his own. It would seem that he’s able to modify electronic devices and/or computers by the touch of his hand. And I know I’m getting ahead of myself with this next one, but that’s part of the fun with watching a show such as Heroes. Here’s my hypothesis: He’s going to be the one to dismantle the bomb with a mere touch of his hand.

Micah’s father can pass through walls making it impossible to confine him. Hiro is still able to stop time and one must wonder if his comment about having super strength was foreshadowing. Could that be Niki’s role should she fight with evil? She’s the only one I can think of that we’ve been introduced to who shows the potential for strength.

I love the story they added to the cop who can hear people’s thoughts. His friend’s sleeping with his wife, which is quite a blow. Certainly, there will be a snog or two between he and Clea Duvall. (Who, incidentally, looks a lot like a female version of my husband, Tobyjoe.)

Creepy, don’t you think?

The show builds each and every week. It’s felt that way from the very beginning, like we’re watching the plot rise toward a much bigger event. I still don’t feel like we’re into the meat of the matter just yet. I still feel like we’re waiting for things to come together. At least I hope that’s the case. I don’t want to feel deflated after all of this.


  1. oh my god…she does look like tobyjoe!


  2. i wonder if radiation-boy is actually the bomb?

    as for your hubby and that hot mamma looking alike, i see it….i hope that’s not the real spoiler…….hehehehe……no offense toby ; )


  3. Greg! Good observation about that guy. That’d be insane. And, if he is the bomb, Micah probably will have no role in stopping him/it after all.


  4. I just can’t get into this show. I’m trying.

    I see where you’re going with the TJ/CD thing, but she really bugs me so I’m going to say they look nothing alike. I’ve only seen her on this show and Carnivale, but she seems to just have one “acting face.” She only does “Intense.”


  5. Somehow, (and I feel the need to write this for some reason) is the first site that pops up in google if you type “Save the cheerleader. Save the World.” Which pretty much means, I have gotten a whole slew of really scary (as well as some awesome) comments lately. For example, someone called me a fat ugly lesbian bitch yesterday and told me I need some sunshine. His (or her?) comment was deleted as soon as I saw it.

    Someone else also said that they hate me and GW is the best president ever. Oh, and that I’m an ugly twat and no one cares what I have to say and that I should die. Oh, and there was another person who left some really racist bullshit on here as well.

    I do hope this stops because I’d hate to either have to turn off comments entirely or force people to sign in to leave comments.

    I’m not sure why I’m writing this. And there’s a good chance that I’ll delete it when I wise up and/or grow thicker skin.

    I wish my superpower was ridding the entire Internet of total douchebags.


  6. Dear FULB,

    (that’s “fat ugly lesbian bitch” to you)
    mean people have too much time on their hands. you need your computer whiz-bang husband to design an anhialator program that bug zapps mean-spirited comments and lets the rest through. you’d make millions!



  7. I was ok with the comment up until one point. Ugly? fine. Lesbian? Sure. Bitch? Totally. But fat? That’s where I gotta draw the line.

    Tobyjoe? Get on that!

    Gina? I love ya.


  8. Hiro makes me giggle with glee darn near every time he’s on the screen. Loved that whole sequence with him stopping time to get D.L. and the woman from the car crash to safety.

    I do think that D.L. is a good guy, and I’m thinking more and more that evil Jessica might take over good Nikki. I absolutely loved that Micah knew he wasn’t talking to his mother pretty quickly after he called. (Also, the reveal of his power was fabulous.)

    I want to smash Nathan Petrelli in his smug little face with a brick every time he’s on screen. It will be interesting to see where they go with the whole painting thing… I’m surprised he went to the trouble of getting it back from Linderman only to tell Peter that he wasn’t able to.

    I still have to download the first few episodes that I missed. I feel like there are some gaps that should be filled before getting too much further into the show. But I am enjoying it a great deal.


  9. I’m surprised he went to the trouble of getting it back from Linderman only to tell Peter that he wasn’t able to

    Seriously, what’s the deal with him lying to his brother? Do you have thoughts on that one? Is he trying to steal the potential glory? Does it make him a pensive believer?


  10. Hey Mihow,

    Don’t be bothered by the comments—sometimes they make you giggle, and sometimes they make you want to swear right back. Your site is awesome, and I love coming here to read about the latest Heroes stuff, and not to talk red politics, so boo to GWB lovers, and go rock that vote and all you guys. (Speaking from your northern neighbouring country here.)

    BTW, Clea Duvall also played the invisible girl on Buffy if you ever watched Buffy the tv show, which I TOTALLY did. I think the cop story is the weakest in the link so far – with the wife thing. I think the most compelling storyline is the Petrelli brothers’ storyline, followed by Hiro, then Nikki/D.L./Micah. I have a feeling that Nikki and D.L. are going to team up and become a kick ass family. As for radiation boy – it remains to be seen, although I think he will come to the good side.

    Who is Sylar??


  11. Honestly, Michele, I don’t know… part of me thinks he wants to see the painting for himself and see if he can figure things out, maybe answer some of the questions he must have about their powers and what is going on… another part of me wonders if he just got it back so he can destroy it or dispose of it somehow, stage a fake “theft” from the gallery to get rid of the painting so Peter doesn’t keep pressing the issue and sully his campaign. It’s so hard to say for sure.


  12. Sylar is the new Bob. Totally. ;]


  13. I am happy to have ‘stumbled’ across this site. I have not met anyone that watches this show and it is nice to get everyone’s take on the characters. Each week I ‘dvr’ the show and watch it at a later time.

    Have they shown the ‘missing’ picture in past shows? I cant remember it…where did the ‘artist’ disappear to? I also must have missed how Petrelli’s wife got in the wheelchair? I think she knows that he is lying about the ‘rehab’ and his ‘fling’ in Vegas.

    I really like all the ‘subplots’ and like how they switch back and forth.

    Stay tuned!



  14. Dan, the artist returns next week. I am unsure about the missing picture. Not sure if it’s been shown or not. Maybe I’ll go back and rewatch some (if they are still on the archive).

    The whole wife thing? Yeah, weird. That’s a turn. I am sure he had something to do with it. We’ll find out in due time! Incidentally, is that chick from Melrose Place? hehe


  15. i don’t like nikki in general, but i’m guessing we’re not going to see much from her as nikki until Jessica fights D.L. for possession of her son. only then will nikki be able to return to her body and to the show……so essencially, nikki’s gone and Jessica’s protective nature towards Micah is what will drive her purpose. she doesn’t seem to be good but she also doesn’t seem to be bad either, only scorned. we will have to wait and see her connection to who she killed at the poker game and if she’ll kill Linderman to stop his henchmen if he keeps after her and Micah. i’m confused by her power is it nothing more than “protection” incarnate without the normal consequential deternants? i don’t know, any thoughts?


  16. What makes you so sure the bomb will be electronic? The cop and Clea Duvall nabbed a guy who seemed pretty volatile and atomic.


  17. Oh, at no point did I say I was sure about anything. :] Just a wild guess.


  18. If sunshine cured fat ugly lesbian bitchiness, then ummm….sorry completely forgot what I was preparing to say after typing OUT the first half of the sentence…..
    But in all honesty…….errp, wait…..oh yeah!! I find the commentary of a television show I now intentionally miss so I can reconstruct it on my own warped terms based on the commentary found here to be immensely more enjoyable than the actual show could ever be… keep up the good work guys/galz/galpalz/and all other unsunned variants……….


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