Hipster Girl Gets Blasted

Tobyjoe and I watched the NYC ING Marathon yesterday. Unfortunately, due to busted IT band, I had to postpone my entry until next year. I did, however, wander up Bedford Avenue in order to cheer the runners on. The event brought tears to my eyes. I was really moved.

But someting weird took place. We were standing at the corner where Bedford meets Manhattan Avenue when some hipster chick carrying a massive camera jumped out in front of the runners, literally right in the middle of the road. She was there to take pictures as were hundreds of other people. But she was unbelievably rude about it. And we were amazed.

It’s Monday morning and the Internet has spoken. I first got wind of it on Gothamist. where I discovered that Chad Nicholson posted some of his pictures of her on Flickr. And now she’s been Dugg. It’s only a matter of time before she hears about this.


  1. ugh!

    … btw… coat man (the guy in photo 11 from that gothamist slideshow) is soooo my hero right now. wonder if he finished.


  2. Seriously, my question is this: what kind of person do you have to be to think this is OK? I bet she litters. I bet she farts on the elevator.


  3. Ah, and now some guy on the Flickr page thinks what she did is totally ok.

    This is why I married him.



  4. Oh, that’s funny. Has she chimed in anywhere yet to try to defend herself?


  5. Nice blog, and funny comments!


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